Nokia comming Back Strong

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on Tuesday, 29 May 2007
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Well finally we have a Cell phone manufacturer that has added a handy feature to a cell phone that I actually want...

GPS, not to be confused with GPRS general pocket radio service, GPS being global positioning service.  I’m sure most people are familiar with Garmim, so in essence Nokia have put a Garmim in a mobile (cell phone).

I recently got to see a few versions of the new phones that will have the GPS software in them and I can honestly say Nokia have taken a few steps forward once again in being the market leaders. The phone in particular I got to see was the Nokia N95, and it’s just a very cool phone.

I find it quite amusing when I look back to the 1980s when a series started called star trek, and Captain Kirk could see and talk to his crew through a hand held device. Ten years down the line sci-fi became a reality, now days we can talk, see and track through our cell phones, all we need now is a spaceship or two.

I moved away from Nokia about 2 years ago looking for a cell phone with no features after have endless Hassels with my old Nokia 6600, I found Sonny Ericson to be an extremely good, reliable phone with no problems at all and to the point that I would recommend it to anybody


It looks like I will be going back to Nokia very shortly, they have improved the picture quality of their phones, the phones are not as slow and in general they look very good. The N95 is one of those phones that will add value to my crazy life

Cool Link,n95,demo

Well Done Nokia,


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