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on Tuesday, 31 July 2012
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I cant imagine my life without music. As far back as i can recall music has been apart of my life during happy and sad times.Music has the amazing ability to transport to a moment in time and remind us of a once special person and the way we felt then bitters sweet memories I call them.

I clearly recall in High school in the 90's we would make mix tape of love songs for a loved one. And then the digital age moved on and we started geting CD's with better quality sound and then we started making mixed CD's. A couple months ago I watched a great movie on Dstv called Textuality. This movie was a great example of Technology in our lives . The central theme of the movie was how people conduct relationships on their phones with BBM and emails. There is a romantic undertone in the movie which is fresh and intriguing. A conversation between 2 guy friends in the movie on how to win back a girl was hysterical especially when the friend suggests making a mixtape to which the other one replies that is so 80's so hence they come up with the idea of a mix USB( someone still owes me 1). i thought what a totally genuis idea so uptodate with technology ! I recommend you watch this movie if you are in love with technology and seem to manage all your relationships via technology lol.

So in keeping with the music theme , I tend to make up music playlists on my phone each one different depending on my mood. How amazing is this option a list of songs from different artists all on one playlist ! makes me feel like i am a DJ.This is such an easy way to carry music around instead of tons of CDS.

I have decided to share one of my playlists with you today.I believe every song has a meaning and often tells a person what we are too afraid to tell them .

My playlist is dedicated to Mr X .I met him earlier this year in March at teh 80's concert .He immediately caught my attention as he was  very friendly and seemed to have an interesting personality. I must admit i was intrigued by him. When Rick Astley came on and i saw him singing his heart out I KNEW  instantly I wanted to get to know him .He is like no other guy I have met in South Africa since coming back from London he is interesting , intriguing and we have alot in common. But he is a very damaged soul from a past relationship which has left him very unsure about relationships. I just wish at times I could wave my magic wand and make him whole again so he can feel love again and learn to trust .So Mr X  and I started to get to know each other very much similair to the movie Textuality, he would often randomly sent me songs which i believed was his way of telling me his story or letting me in..........So this playlist is dedicated to Mr X , I know i aint your type and you no longer speak to me , but i think you are amazing a breathe of fresh air. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and get a glimpse of your wonderful soul..........


1)  Rick Astley - Never gona give you up

2) One Republic - Secrets

3) John Legend - Ordinary People

4) David Gray - This Years Love

5) Avril Lavigne - Complicated

6)Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

7) The Wanted - Glad you came

8) Whitney Houston - One moment in time

9) Drake - Take Care

10) Goyte ft Kimbra - Somebody that I used to know


This playlist is actually one that is one my phone and I do listen to it very often. Soppy romantic I know but I CANT HELP IT .

Music does feed our soul , offers us comfort during difficult times and reminds us of amazing people and times we have experienced. As someone famous once said "if music be the food of love , play on "

Have an awesome day my lovelies .....keep the music alive always ...... ciao.......I


A 30 something Indian woman living , loving ,laughing and trying to find her place back in SA after a long stint abroad. A million stories and laughs to share of some of the most amzing places and peple i have met along my life journey..... A domestic goddess who loves cooking , reading , travelling and the colour pink


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