Mydigitallife or Onlydigitalgeeks?

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on Friday, 27 July 2012
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The Geek add is very catching and states the fact that 40c per hit will be paid for blogging in the “Digital” section where people could read and learn about all the wonderful new Technology that is in the marketplace. So, curious to see how much will be paid per hit for blogging in the “General” section where the human factor about “Life” in just as much different categories as digital gadgets gets to be posted. How sad and disappointing was the moment when I saw the next statement in the section “Get paid for blogging” at the top of Mydigitlalifes’s Home Page, and I quote:

UPDATED: Authors earn 40c/hit for all digital posts (for a trial period, starting 1 April 2012 for three months). We do not pay for posts in the general category.

General blogs didn’t mean a thing on Mydigitallife anymore, they are worthless, of no value at all, a complete waste of time and effort, aswell as a waste of money, because internet services is not for free. I presume  that “My” means “Only” + “Digital” means just that + “Life” means Geek.  I guess since the three months trial period has already ended, that the above statement is still applicable. I guess a person shouldn’t  judge a book by it’s cover, neither a website by it’s name.

Please note, that all of the above, is not me criticising or blaming an awesome website about Technology for being exactly whay it’s name says. It’s my way of telling you about the disappointment in myself, for being to stupid, to be able to contribute in either category, “digital” of which I know very little of, but loves to read about or “general” the only way I know how to express myself. Somehow it hurts eccepting the fact that in both instances, I’ll will be worthless to the people who uses Myditallife for digital purposes and not life as in being alive.



When I see the process rundll32.exe, the song Tricky by Run DMC starts playing i
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Megg_Ellis Saturday, 28 July 2012


I think it comes down to advertising. myDL is paid by its advertisers (who are involved in the digital sectors) for clicks only on digital posts. You're free to blog in the General section, but you can't be expected to have them pay you when they aren't paid.
Most blogsites don't pay amateurs to blog at all. myDL is the only site I've blogged on that pays. For my other blogs, I use Wordpress, but myDL has the advantage of creating a sustained following and a close-knit blogging community.

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