Summer Olympics 2012

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on Thursday, 26 July 2012
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One more day to go before one of the biggest and most looked forward to events kicks off. The London Olympics 2012 is set to start this Friday, July 27th. The Olympics will unite members from 204 countries into a global community, with adrenalin pumping through their veins.

Admittedly one who is not into sports (except cricket – well done Hashim Amla on your triple century!), I cannot help but wonder and seek to understand how all qualified participants must be feeling right now. A chance of a lifetime. Or two. The fact still remains: in their strength, determination and talent lies the hopes of millions of people around the world.

My interest began from an article I read on News24 – if Caster Semenya wins Gold at the 800m race, she will dedicate it to Nelson Mandela. With Mr. Mandela recently turning a whopping 94 years old, an Olympic Gold medal dedicated to him is surely the only noteworthy honor right now that can outdo that achievement. Good luck Caster! You have my support.

A mention I feel that needs to be brought to everybody’s attention (all those who are out of the loop in sporting activities as much as I am) is that this is the first year our women’s national football team, Banyana Banyana has qualified for the Olympics 2012. Fab job ladies!

A sincere Good Luck topped with hope, pride and support to all 125 South African athletes who qualified for the Olympics 2012!

Don’t miss a thing – Watch the Olympics live online at Live TV Stream In. Also, follow the details closely on Facebook and Twitter.

Early 20's, Media graduate, slow reader, professional sleeper, recovering shopaholic.


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redsaid Thursday, 26 July 2012

Me toooooo!

I am also not a major sports fan (I don't grasp the scoring of most. A birdie, love?), but I have always carried a bit of a torch for the Olympics too! I mean, there is just something about seeing the best in the world in action that draws you in. (Plus, some sports are just downright beautiful to watch, such as floor routines in gymnastics and - don't laugh - synchronised swimming!) So I will be watching too and supporting everyone in South Africa's Olympic and Paralympic teams!

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