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on Wednesday, 18 July 2012
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A car is a big purchase. The Audi I bought when I wrote my mum’s car off was one of those ouch moments. So now that I am looking for a car it is interesting the things you come across.

A friend of mine purchased a new VW Polo 1.6. She has suffered endless problems with the vehicle, once being told “it’s man made and you can’t expect it to be perfect.” Now considering that it is a brand new vehicle, considering that brand new vehicles cost a lot of money, you’d expect a better level of service.

My friend demanded that the vehicle be replaced. Things were “fixed” and then it would reappear. Eventually the matter was escalated to the MD’s office. To which a reply was sent apologising that the vehicle did not meet the customer’s expectations, a reassurance that it was up to ISO standards, a loose pipe was the cause for the rattling, and no refund or replacement would be made.

In short, thanks for the money, the car is good enough according to our opinion and therefore, it’s not our problem. We will cover what we have to according to the warranty.

Now if I bought a fan, or a toaster and the toaster did not work, so soon after purchasing it, I would take it back, if after a repair the toaster or fan still did not work to my expectations or what is tacitly promised when purchasing something brand new, then I would return it and demand my money back.

But it appears that Volkswagen South Africa could not care because they have sold another car and this might have been the only defective model from batch, but because it meets minimum requirements to be sold as new, they’re sticking to their guns.

What about all those customers who were not persistent enough to find a way to the Managing Director’s office of Volkswagen SA? Sure my friend eventually was declined, but what sort of service are they dealing with.

Toyota on the other hand have excellent service. My cousin found a fault with the vehicle after a month and the vehicle was repaired immediately and up to standard. No fighting, no half measures, no excuses.

So as much as I have always been a VW fan I would advise many against just from the knowledge of this experience. What is important is to be able to rely on the brand when the man made product fails. Unfortunately the VW SA company believes in creating cars that make money and not their customers happy.


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I was expecting a shortlist with options :p

I'm anti-VW, for other reasons that I won't mention here.

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