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on Wednesday, 18 July 2012
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Way back in 1990, as a stay-at-home-mom raising kids, I studied from home through Buyers Network Unlimited, one of the biggest Multi Level Marketing networks in SA and I obtained a Diploma in MLM.  At the time it seemed like an exellent opportunity for masses of people, from all walks of of life, to earn an extra income parttime or fulltime. The rewards depending on the effort you would be willing and able to put into the project, setting your own goals, etc.

Well, even the ordinary shopper could have benefited through discounts on their purchases, from this new trend, by swiping their buyerscards at any partisipating business over a brought spectrum of businesses. With a little more effort, through the ‘word of mouth advertising’ fenomena, they could build their own marketing networks, earning them a good steady income over a period of time, wich could grew into a full time business of their own, a sort of business within a business.

But, although some business owners and day-to-day shoppers saw the potencial, most people were reluctant to participate and after all hell broke loose, court cases and all sorts of slandering, MLM became sort of banned. No body actually dared to practice or participate in any MLM projects for many years. Now, more than 20 years later, it seems that people accept new trends much easier then way back then, just like the way all new gadgets in Technology gets scooped up by people of all ages, without banning even the thought of it.

Watching a TV add, a few weeks ago, I came to the conclusion, that no ordinary person may practice or participate in MLM, because it has been seen as just a money making scheme, that could harm innocent people. Except when you are one of the leading Banks in SA and you can advertise on National TV a consept that works on precisely the same way that MLM participants would have benifitted, as long as they just don’t call a shovel a spade. It seems to me, that MLM was stopped dead in it’s tracks by the rich and the powerfull, who is useing it freely today, in many different ways in their businesses. In my opinion the greedy has smuthered MLM, not short-sightedness, to make sure that nobody could have a tiny share of their millions, billions and trillions of annual profits. 


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