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Posted by justen
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on Saturday, 14 July 2012
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Writing on a site entitled "My Digital Life", I'll assume that everyone has an interest in technology to some extend, and most will have smartphones, tablets, notebooks and the like lying around at home. I also assume that many of us are music lovers, and have music libraries worth quite a few days' listening. iTunes is probably in there, if not your primary choice, and with wireless syncing, it makes it a lot easier to manage music throughout your home. And then they leveled up. Enter Airplay..

Airplay is Apple's wireless streaming technology, that allows you to play music, wirelessly from any compatible Apple device, to any compatible music player or speaker system. Awesome? Not quite.

The problem I've always had with new technology, is that manufacturers and big brands don't like to make their products work with everything else. They like to keep it in the family. They want you to buy more of their products, and Apple is most definitely the biggest culprit. So whilst finding Airplay compatible speakers is next to impossible, when you do, they have Apple price tags on them.

There's usually many ways to skin a cat, and Airplay, although preferred and wireless, is not the only way. Plug in a cable, you say. But the problem is that you need an arsenal of adapters, gadget and thingymabops to just play music from one device, to the other. And let's face it, it's really no fun trying to copy music from one device to the other, or to look for the dreaded mini-jack cable while you're having a jol or braai. And it's 2012. Who still use cables? So here's my solution.

I recently stubled upon this genius piece of software that I use so often now, that I can't remember how I managed to keep sane without it. If you have an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Mac and use it to store your music, and it supports Airplay (most do), you'll love what I'm about to tell you.

Shairport4w is an opensource project. It's an appliction for windows, that will turn any pair of speakers connected to a windows machine, into airplay speakers! This means that you can use any old pc system, your desktop pc, your notebook or any windows machine you have connected to WiFi, install this little gem, plug in any speakers, connect, and you can play your music collection wirelessly from your compatible airplay device! iTunes sees it right away, and streams music to it like it has no idea it's talking to Windows.

Stop reading this post right now, and go install it. You'll love it.

P.S. For those with other devices, here's some references to the same features.
If you have an Android device, check out Winamp for Android.
If you have a Blackberry, why? You'll need to get the Blackberry Music Gateway.
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Charmed Monday, 16 July 2012


Hi Justen

Welcome to My Digital Life!

Yes, that's a big problem unfortunately. How nice if all our devices could just talk to each other. But I guess if you look hard enough, there's always a work around, or some app that'll do it.

Great first post, we look forward to more from you!

Also, hope you're subscribed to our weekly newsletter, which goes out on Tuesday... who knows, you may be featured tomorrow :D


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justen Monday, 16 July 2012

I'm going to love this!

Hey Charmed!

Thanks for the hearty welcome! I decided it's high time I start voicing my opinion, and sharing my digital adventures with like minded people.

I'll popping up quite a few more this week, on the road to writer status. :)

And I'll be looking out for that newsletter ;)

Have a good one!

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