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Gadgets and tech for your inner child

Posted by Ms. Gadget
Ms. Gadget
Megan Ellis is a New Media student and young journalist at Rhodes University.
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on Friday, 06 July 2012
in Digital Blogs

While this post's first entry isn't about a tech gadget itself, the product's creation is a result of technology. 

Enter Candy Bricks - bricks you can use to create things the same way as with LEGO - except that these can be eaten too.

My inner child personally screamed for joy when I saw these. I never knew they could make classic building bricks any more awesome. 

But voila - the impossible was achieved. 

Other things developments which can be considered awesome, but not really important past our inner childish and lazy desires is the pizza vending maching

Not sure if I would personally trust the food that comes out of it - but in theory is could be the best thing since sliced bread. 

A tech innovation which any aspiring ninja would love is the new development to make soldiers scale walls more easily - a vacuum backpack with suction gloves. 

Yes, you could be like the assasin in Assasin's Creed. No longer will climbing walls be an unattainable dreams.

This may possibly be only my dream - but my inner child is dictating what goes in this post.

And for those of us who dreamed of a secret lair will be glad to know that this can now be a reality.

This bookcase also functions as a door, allowing you to make the entrance to a room virutally invisible.

Had I the money to fulfill all my childhood fantasies, this would be at the top of the list.

For my adult self, I imagine it makes for a good way to hide a room away from home invaders...

Have you seen any other awesome, strange tech out there which would make your inner child go wild?

Tata for now

Ms. Gadget


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur
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redsaid Monday, 09 July 2012

Edible Lego!!!

Yay for the edible Lego! That find is a definite hit with my inner child too! I mean really, what's not to love? Combining a beloved toy with sweeties! It's a great idea! I dig the bookshelf too. Too afraid of heights though to like the Spiderman-type backback!

Ms. Gadget
Ms. Gadget
Megan Ellis is a New Media student and young journalist at Rhodes University.
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Ms. Gadget Monday, 30 July 2012


I loved the idea of edible lego.
I'm scared of heights too but I'm sure I would climb the walls like Spiderman if I could

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