A noob's view: 10 days in New Media

Posted by Megg_Ellis
When I see the process rundll32.exe, the song Tricky by Run DMC starts playing i
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on Friday, 06 July 2012
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Everyone knows that university is far removed from the 'real world', and that once we hit the job market things are going to be very different.

I got to experience something inbetween - working for CueOnline during the National Arts Festival. The result - journalists gone insane...but on the bright side - they are more experienced. 

The Pros

When you have ten days to produce 5 videos, a podcast, audio slideshow and photosynth, one can be magically transformed into an efficient journalism machine.

I was like the Cinderella of procrastination - my glass slipper was Google Calendar (and will probably be left behind when the ball is over).

You also learn to interview and schedule like a boss. While I have a slight phonecall phobia (never answer unknown numbers, it's the bank guilting you into another insurance policy).

But when you get the status of CueOnline reporter, you no longer feel like the student amateur (although when I dropped a tripod baseplate down a grand stand I realised this wasn't necessarily true).

The Cons

Firstly, since New Media involves a lot of video and slideshow editing, you begin to live in the office. Once everyone has used up all the fresh oxygen, our inner weirdos start to emerge. Luckily my classmates are as strange as I am and we ended up just laughing about it - but there were times our sanity really came into question. When this happened, we usually just laughed manically for a while.

Also, while most interviewees were great - well-mannered, friendly and approachable - some tended to treat you more like a skivvy than a journalist.

Top ten things I learnt

1. I always type festical instead of festival - in my mind it means a happy testical 

2. The number of hipsters in Grahamstown during festival is too damn high 

3. The cost of living goes up from Boksburg-level to a Sandton-level overnight when the tourists are in town

4. simonearmer has no qualms insulting your mom when she's been editing too long

5. Simone Redelinghuys is a closet lech :P 

6. Ash Beddow now has a patent on the 'Megan-in-your-pocket' - a mini-Megan you pull out every time you want your classmates trolled. 

7. Towards the end of Fest, prices crash as hard as European economies

8. The TV kids are not your friends - they're your competition...them and their fancy business cards

9. The more tired I get, the more I let my freak flag fly. 

10. You will work 16 hours a day to get your stuff in - but at least 3 of these hours will be spent on CastleVille and another two on ridiculing your classmates.


Now that fest is nearing its end, me and my exhausted and extremely-worked classmates will finally have some vacation. 

We have also realised that if our conversations were recorded, we would have to undergo psychological evaluation

When I see the process rundll32.exe, the song Tricky by Run DMC starts playing in my head


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur
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redsaid Friday, 13 July 2012

Yep, sounds about right

Ah, this takes me back to my days as a rookie reporter at a now defunct community newspaper in Jozi. It was my first paid journalism gig and yes, come deadline (which was weekly!), the insanity levels of everyone in the newsroom seemed to soar.

Festical... heh! It sounds... festive!

When I see the process rundll32.exe, the song Tricky by Run DMC starts playing i
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Megg_Ellis Friday, 13 July 2012

Viva la festical

The amount of times I made 'national arts festical' a tag on stories is rather embarrassing. It is now my typing nemesis.

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