Motorola Razr and the Android ICS rollout

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I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would ei
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on Friday, 06 July 2012
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One of the much anticipated events for Motorola Razr owners is the rollout of the Android 4.0 OS called "Ice Cream Sandwich". For the uninitiate (like me) the Samsung Galaxy SIII, now widely considered the kick-ass of Android smatphones, launched a few weeks back with ICS installed.  Not long before, (18 May in SA) Samsung Galaxy SII users had been able to change to ICS.

Motorola Razr users worldwide were promised a port of ICS by the end of Q2 (30 July). Most of us are still waiting.

Now Motorola users are in a huff about the way Motorola has handled the ICS rollout and if my reading of the forums is correct, Samsung should pay Motorola royalties because this dilly-dallying has brought Samsung a pile of clients looking for ICS with no strings.  Not only that, but Motorola owners on the forums are all threatening to dump their smartphones for a Samsung. I must say I now have twinges of regret myself that I did not take a SII.

Swak if you consider that Motorola is owned by Google who are the developers of Android. Also swak because Motorola saw this one coming and didn't even have a plan to release a ICS smartphone before end Q2, except to append to their Motorola's Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx the appelation "ICS upgradeable".

This is a good example of how promises made and not kept, can alienate the very people you want to serve. Sounds a bit like the ANC and this citizens of SA ne? It's not so much that Motorola didn't keep the promise, but they made a promise and then gave less than precise explantion for how it would be kept. I repeat, sounds a bit like the ANC and the citizens of Mzanzi ne?

They did produce a page with a detailed news release related to ICS,. The document is a bit like the pres's second transition, full of points and lists and promise, but lacking in substantial detail - like for instance dates more precise than "available in Q3".

... and that my friend is the bottom line - if you are a Motorola Razr user in South Africa (actually the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region), then you can expect your ICS update "sometime in Q3" (July-August-September).

Probably the 30th September if Motorola follows their pattern till now. 

Meanwhile to curb your ICS withrawal, Motorola has put up nice pages with tutorials etc, where you can "Prepare yourself for ICS".

I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would either rule me or I would rule it. So far so good, but due to an irrational fear of cellphones i now face my greatest adventure. Learning to use my Motorola Razr


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