ANC...we toppled the Apartheid beware!

Posted by Shiraz
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on Wednesday, 04 July 2012
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Last nights ETV's Debra Patta really did a number on the spokesman for the Dept of Basic Education. He was evasive and plain just too stupid to answer questions. I dont know which would have been worse ..Him Or Angie Motshekga! One things for sure, either she doesnt read her emails OR plain simply cannot read full stop! Why Showerhead doesnt clean up quickly, one can only guess. Perhaps he is too busy contemplating his multi-billion rand jet whilst positioning himself for another term to screw the taxpayer by depoloying family to the tender boards.

Disgusting images of books being burnt and thrown out filled soicial media platforms in the last week ahead of the ANC Policy Conference in Midrand. Whilst they went through an extensive PR campaign to show solidarity, jounos were harassed, cameras confiscated, images deleted. Not much difference from the apartheid state machinery in the not too distant past.

ANC you find new ways to disgust me every day.........Archbishop Desmond TuTu was right to warn you. We toppled the apartheid regime so beware!

Any Job for an old comrade who can earn big bucks by mismanagment or embezzlement! These are traits I am willing to learn ASAP to qualify?


guardian angel
guardian angel
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guardian angel Wednesday, 04 July 2012

Old Apartheid Regime

you know Shiraz,my hubby fought during the apartheid regime for equality...he was teargassed, forced to leave school for his convictions, put into jail for a few days for protesting etc. I look now at what the ANC is up to , its antics and its skewed views of right and wrong, good and bad, and i have to say, just as my hubby does, bring back the Afrikaaner. They ruled with the fist, didnt put up with the nonsense - had the country in a state where hospitals were perfect, infrastructure was acceptable and despite the bad treatement of the non white (as with my hubby), at least people got on with what they had to, made a living, lived a respectful lifestyle without the crudeness and lack of values we have in our current system. It is appalling the things that we have to accept and despite the fraud, theft, smuggling, incompetency, drunk driving, immoral acts and oh wait murder .....these guys dont lose pay, they get rapped over the knuckles and who pays - US.....Apartheid was not good and should never be instituted again, and i am muslim and saying this must mean a lot...but let the staunch boer come in with his strict christian values and rule again (exclude the apartheid), but re-introduce the moral aspects of life and we will have it made. Competency cannot even be discussed in our current system because when the head of the country has questionable competency and questionable values, why would the rest of the country try to do better than his low standards. Heres hoping for something new

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OS GIKEN Thursday, 05 July 2012


No no no, people are quick to forget. You cannot possibly compare an incompetent govt. with the Apartheid govt.??? Are you guys serious? No matter who fought when!

Are we being killed and tortured today?
Are we being marginalised becuase of our skin colour?
Are we being denied jobs becuase of our skin colour?
Are our children denied basic education?
Are we young people being denied opportunities to study furhter?
Do we have to walk around with a dompass?
Do we have a curfue?
Are we called names for a minority's pleasure?

Yes our govt.'s ability to deliver is way past shocking, but comparing it to the pre 1994 time is just ludachris and seriously undermines what HAS been achieved thus far.

And no, I hate ANC as much as any sane person in SA!

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futuresoul Thursday, 05 July 2012

missing the point

@ Guardian angel, my darling I believe you are missing the point here. Many people fought against the 'struggle' , including my late mother. Many sacrifise land and limb to liberate this country. At the end of the day what did we achieve?

We can never look to simplistic answers to non-simplistic topics. The issue here is not just cut and dry and neither is the solution.

Whenever this discussion occurs between peers I always have a thought : When people were being opressed , they felt the pain and wanted liberation. So they gathered and they fought yet I feel they neglected to answer the question to the meaning of the term 'freedom' or 'liberation'. I am of the firm belief that the ideas of what the term (s) meant for each and every individual was different hence we have what we have today ( a dysfunctional society)

Indeed we have lost our values, cultures and morals. For this there is the struggle and so much more to blame, yet I will not resort to mud-slinging for that.

We need to be more practical when we're looking and understanding the issue the country is facing today.

Possibly you will say the grass I smoke is not green when I tell you the issue we have lies with the fact that we need to have a government to beggin with. What purpose do they serve? Do they even know you?

When you were born, who were you born with? Yourself. Therefore why do you need someone else to govern you by telling you what is right and wrong when by virtue you should have and know all those things? It's ridiculous I say.

Going back will not solve the issues that we have today. Let's tople the ANC and bring on what? The DA? Please they're all the same. They're politicians, they get paid to sweet talk you into b*llsh*t.

I do agree that the ANC lacks discipline and has been flagged by stories of maladministration from here to know end. Hence I will not vote. Yes, I will have a vote and an opinion regardless coz you know why? I was born free. I don't an ink on my finger to confirm that for me.

I live on this Earth for whatever reason my Creator has deemed fit and I'll be damned if I conform to stupid society rules that really have nothing to with me!

Let true freedom [u][/u][b][/b]reign!!

I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would ei
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Muscadecipio Thursday, 05 July 2012

Looking back, looking forward.

Hey futuresoul. I agree the problem and the solution are not simplistic. For the most part the ANC wants to tell us how things were, how they are and how they will be. This is their right as goverment. Unfortunately, the story they tell is ony vaguely in the vicinity of reality.

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