RIP Velskoen

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Born in a country which no longer exists, Rhodesia, educated there and then here
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on Thursday, 28 June 2012
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So many things about the past are best left in the past, but one thing seems to bring only wonderful memories, and much sadness at its passing.

The Velskoen Drive-In, the very last one, will very soon be no more. I wonder if there is anybody, from children, through teens and early twenty-somethings upwards, who has not been to, or at least heard about the sheer joy of the Drive-In.

In Zimbabwe, originally, payment was per car, not per person, and the record number I knew about was when my brother ‘liberated’ my father’s old VW Kombi and crammed 10 of us into that one poor old vehicle. Hmm – thinking about it, that’s not such a feat these days, with taxis etc., but I digress.

The speakers mostly worked, but it was a challenge to hang the jolly thing on the window, particularly in winter! How many people left the Drive-In with a souvenir still attached to the window? I wonder how many pubs, clubs and homes still have one as an exhibit?

From that first kiss, to the uncomfortable fumble, to the steamed-up windows, so many memories. I wonder too how many of today’s responsible adults were conceived in the back seats of cars at Drive-Ins !

Entertainment wasn’t easy with a very new baby, and the television wasn’t exactly riveting, and didn’t exist before the 70’s in South Africa, so the Drive-In was the answer. Breastfeeding didn’t offend anybody, Dad could help out with nappy-changing, for once, with nowhere to escape to, and everybody was happy.

The playground under the screen was so exciting as the children grew, while the folks put up chairs in front of the cars, and it was a relaxing and safe social evening. By that time too it was possible to tune the car radio in to hear the sound and it was a wonderful outing for the whole family.

How very very sad to see the end of what was, in fact, an institution, and which brought so much joy to so many people and has left delightful memories. RIP Velskoen.

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Born in a country which no longer exists, Rhodesia, educated there and then here at Rhodes University. Working as a freelance tranlsator has many benefits and challenges, balanced by working as a Reflexologist from home as well. I have worked in the television industry, for the defence force, and as an interpreter. Language will always be the bridge between human beings, and many times I have been privileged enough to help construct those bridges.


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Jawellnofine Thursday, 28 June 2012

Being Conceived

good times indeed.

The vaal triangle had 5 drive-ins that were frequented more regularly than one changed underwear.

Many midnight flicks were seen at those institutions or not... ;-)

but ja, change will be our milstone.

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Muscadecipio Thursday, 28 June 2012


Wow, what a flashback. I live in Cape town and we all went to the Goodwood Drive-In, today the site of the Grand West Casino.

According to my mother my youngest brother was conceived there.

As mass entertainment moved from the public domain to the living room the Drive-in's died and the Cinema's almost went with them.

PApoint to ponder: as entertainment moves from the lving room to the hand-held device ???

I can already see that future. I can be in the living room with my teenage sons, and yet not be in the same reality they are - with cellphones to nose.

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AznHun Friday, 29 June 2012


wow this defo brought back memories of childhood . The drive in was definately a safe and very social gathering at a affordable prices.Its such pity that they have closed down. During my stint abroad I spoke to friends of the Drive In , the loved the concept and said what an awesome experience that must have been.

Alas all we have are found memories of good times

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scott.davies Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Velskoen is terrible

It is sad to see the end of this but I have to say, Velskoen really has been terrible the last few years. So slack. Stopped going after I watched some dark (literally) movie where due to all the light pollution, you couldn't see a thing!

But we lived so nearby that I used to sometimes tune in the radio at home and pick up the movie soundtrack.

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