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Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Tuesday, 26 June 2012
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Having worked on a number of projects in my young IT career, I can now undoubtedly say that I can spot a false promise from a vendor from a mile away!


I represent many business units, and they look to me for technical/IT guidance on projects, investments and when things go wrong. I'm more focused on the manufacturing side of the spectrum and in here, the BS factor goes on for miles and miles on end!

Today, in a 2h30min session with a vendor, I helped the business analyst sift through the actual business requirements and try and make the vendor understand exactly what was/is required. We found that most of what was said in the begining could today not be verified, was not possible or the best of them on the product roadmap!


I had forewarned the business numerous times to involve me earlier on in sittuations like these, but they went ahead anyway and selected this vendor based on (now) empty promises. The frustrating bit is that now the business is stuck with the chosen solution that cannot meet their actual demands/requirements.


The business asked for 4 red apples, the vendor told them they can deliver 4 shiny red apples, washed and for some more bucks, can be dipped into sugar and put on a stick. What I exposed today, with some pretty simple questions, was that the vendor can only deliver 2 green apples that might be rotten and one might have a bite in it.


Vendors, when you sell so good that you are awarded a job that you know you cannot do...that is EPIC FAIL on your part, the preverbial feses will hit the fan pretty soon, I will have to manage expectations and do damage controll at the same time, even before the solution is delivered!


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Muscadecipio Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Love the apple metaphor.

I live in a small town and as i am well known for a wide knowledge i often get tapped as the go-to guy when companies need help with IT projects like networking and POS. My biggest frustrations is that, no matter how transparent and honestly i give sincere advice, no matter how I point out the pitfalls, some clever company from out of town comes in and promises the big shiny apple when I promise just a decent organic apple. When it all goes sideways i am either left to pick up the pieces, or I am tarred with the same brush for my I-told-you-so's.


I feel your frustration bro. Why are customers so damn dense sometimes? Or as I always say "The customer is not always right, sometimes they are just a bloody nuisance".

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HandyTechTipper Wednesday, 04 July 2012

They got the deal didn't they

I have seen this over and over again - the honest salesmen/women who answer the tender/requirements honestly with a crisp "No, our product offering cannot do X and Y" are overlooked for the vendors that say "Yes, no problem" to everything - these unscrupulous vendors then claim to have misinterpreted the requirement or have some exclusion in their small prints... bottom line, is that they got the deal and will probably get more money for tweaking their solution to (sort of) meet the client's requirements.
Not nice - but they got the deal!
Not nice - but that's what's happening - frustrating as hell... but they got the deal.

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