Motorola Razr: Setup contacts (and the youtube problem)

Posted by Muscadecipio
I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would ei
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on Friday, 22 June 2012
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Dear reader

If you will, take into account that though I can write HTML and mess with CSS, this is my first smartphone. If the fear of being out of mobile phone contact is nomophobia, then I have been a sufferer of anti-nomophobia (or the fear of having the damn thing in the first place).

So you will understand when I tell you that the way to turn off the youtube thingy (see Motorola Droid Razr: First steps) is to remove it from your dektop. That is all I have to say on that ...

My next challenge was to get my email and contacts set up. After all the DT (my new name for it - damn thing) is actually a phone so I have to know people's number to call them. This proved to be easier than anticipated. The manual that  I downloaded from Motorola turned out to be useless in this matter - as expected. With native cunning and intuition I found the contacts list (empty) by tapping the "Phone" icon and selecting the "Contacts" tab. After a bit of thought I tapped the "menu" button on the bottom of the phone and came up with a selection. I chose "Manage Contacts" and viola it brought up just what I need, a menu that allows me to import (or export) contacts from the SD card or the SIM.

Importing from the SD card got me nothing, probably because my Samsung B2100 was a very basic animal, but I had saved those contacts to the SIM as well and all 177 imported beautifully from there. Since I don't fill in anything beyond the persons name and number anyway, nothing seems to be missing.

The next task was to add a picture of my lovely wife to her contact (not so that I can see who is calling at a glance and not answer as my sons insist). Easy enough, back at Home I tapped the camera, whistled, and snapped a shot of her as she looked up. This with a tap on the strange iris thingy on the right of the screen (I guessed right there). Tap on the menu button allowed me to select "Set As" and then "Contact Photo". The contacts list pops up and tap on her name selects. The photo comes back with a little orange box that allowed me to designate a thumbnail. I even figured out that I could resize the box with a pincher movement of my fingers. Tap "Save" and all done.

Back at Home, tap on the green cross nexto "Favourites" and then on her picture in the contacts list and "Done", and now I can see her face on the Home. Now if I tap her on the nose,  I get the choice to call, view the contact history, or send a message.

Hey - I'm getting the hang of this.

Don't laugh - all you other Android users. Remember this is my first time, so read my opening paragraph again. I reflect that learning to use my Razr is like when I took up smoking  as a teenager. It made me look very cool and "hip" but burned the lungs and left me coughing when nobody was watching.

I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would either rule me or I would rule it. So far so good, but due to an irrational fear of cellphones i now face my greatest adventure. Learning to use my Motorola Razr


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