Motorola Razr: First steps

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I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would ei
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on Friday, 22 June 2012
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After my adventures with the micro-SIM (Motorola Razr XT 910: Bumps in the road) I am less than anxious to tackle my Razr again. After fiddling with the flap for the SIM a bit I get up and running. At startup it shows me a friendly Motorola logo. Takes a while to start and the setup wizard that the pamphlet promises never makes an appearance, but that seems OK except that the time is wrong. Probably the phone picked some stuff up (language, date) from the SIM card. 

I am impressed by the brightness of the screen and the colours - wow. Then I begin to feel a bit intimidated because i don't recognise anything. I'm not sure what the out-of-box home menu looks like in other countries, but what I initially see doen't bear resemblance to the images on the Motorola website or the box.

My Razr out of the boxTapping the calender with my finger brings up the calender - OK. The green cross brings up a "Create Event" page. Hmm, how do I get rid of this? OK - the back key at the bottom of the phone gets me back to the home menu. Dragging my finger on the screen left and right brings  up other menu screens - Youtube , social networking, Music or media (I suppose), and a social media gallery (huh?). The 4 app icons at the bottom of the screen don't change. Just as well as they are for the phone, for text massages, for the camera and to list the apps - about the only things I understand at this point.

OK - the Youtube screen shows a loading screen - what the hell. The little buttons above the youtube logo on that screen don't help, they turn the bluetooth, wirelss and airplane modes on and off (I assume). Now I am seeing thumbnails of what I imagine are youtube videos and i suspect if I tapped one I would get the full deal. Very nice, BUT I DIDN'T ASK FOR IT.

My instinct is to go to settings so tap-tap the menu button. Hah, settings. Cool, this looks like the phone settings. Lots of options here and dragging a finger up the screen scrolls it (to be honest i did it by accident and gave myself a skrik). Hmm, data manager - tap - exactly what I need. My data meter shows 2.76 Mb used. Interesting since I have not done anything yet. Looks like I can turn the whole shebang off by tapping "data enabled". I will have to explore more. I tap the 2.76 Mb and get a graph -  cool. At the bottom of the screen tapping "Show usage by activity" brings up a pie chart and as I suspect, Youtube has been happily using the data network without permission.

Now to figure out how to change that

The adventure continues.

I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would either rule me or I would rule it. So far so good, but due to an irrational fear of cellphones i now face my greatest adventure. Learning to use my Motorola Razr


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur
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redsaid Friday, 22 June 2012

Sneaky data usage!

If it's any consolation, for those of us on Vodacom's BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for the R56 monthly, seemingly "unlimited" data, I have since figured out that there are limits to this "unlimited" offering too! A friend with a BlackBerry, but on MTN, recently showed me a nifty radio app which he uses to listen to radio stations from around the world. Very cool. He assured me that it's part of his MTN BIS subscription. When I downloaded it and tried it on Vodacom, I discovered that streaming radio is NOT included in Vodacom's BIS, and someone like me will be subject to out of bundle rates! Yikes!

By the way, I'm not 100% sure, but doesn't Vodacom offer data packages similar to BIS for other smartphones too, now? Or am I confusing them with another provider?

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