Computer Litteracy...At what age?

Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Wednesday, 20 June 2012
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My sister and her family recently moved to our town. She also started working at
my place of work! So they are doing very well!

Her daughter is now in grade 3, and they are now starting to get PC skills as part
of their curriculum, she had this option earlier but it was at an extra cost
and the cost vs. learning content was not enough to justify the cost.

Now in her new school, much better, PC skills are free but out of interest I asked
her what exactly they are being taught. She said they are told to switch the PC
on, look for the GAMES icon, and play games for one hour. Obviously I'm not on
for this, as a quick search reveals that somewhere else in the world, Grade 3
kids are already using the internet, using search engines and editing documents
and learning the basics of spreadsheets!

Now I've always been one to be proactive, thus I find it very helpful to teach my
own kids simple things like shapes and colours and count etc...I don't have to
send them to a crèche to learn these things, human interaction happens on their
"play dates" with their friends on weekends. So I'm being proactive
once again and teaching my niece how to use the PC, how to use a search engine
and how to edit documents.

Tonight we quickly ran through the use of search engines...Google, how to enter website
names, how to use links and how to search for information. I also included
Folder structures and basic PC skills, closing and minimizing, drilling down
into Folders and having multiple windows open at one time and knowing how to
navigate between them. Now, having taught PC skills to all ages throughout my
varsity life, this is easy peasy for me, however, speaking in an understandable
manner so that a 9 year old can understand is a bit difficult.

I would like some pointers, websites and suggestions as to what I can teach my
niece at her level, she learns quite fast and is already using Google and
Safari on the iPad, what should I do and what should I focus on in order to
make sure that she learns and understands so that by the time she is required
to use a PC on her own for whatever reason, she will be well equipped to do so.

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Charmed Wednesday, 20 June 2012

All grown up

Cannot believe they make the kids (8y/o?) play games for PC literacy! That is pure laziness! You should actually take it up with the principal or governing body?

Wow, impressed at your interest in teaching your niece. But I guess it's only natural for you to teach her. I'm not sure what will be good for kids her age; perhaps Redsaid can recommend a few as she has a niece and nephew too.

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redsaid Friday, 22 June 2012

Red would if she could

Wow, I agree with Charmed, that is really lazy!!

Nope, I've NO IDEA how or what to teach kiddos. Still trying to get my niece to get the hang of "Thank you" and "please"! And not even the dog listens when I tell her to "sit"! :) Good luck! But I also agree with C in that you should take it up with the school.

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AznHun Friday, 22 June 2012

View from an Educator

wow totally shocked at the fact students are using the Computer Time to play games.
During my stint at an Fet College I was given to teach Computer Skills not trained in the subject but I have a good understanding of computers.It was with such diffculty I had to teach these students the workings of Word, Powerpoint and Mail Merge. During a recent exam invigilation students were asking me how to perform simple tasks like how do i print , where are certain icons.I was totally gobsmacked by this as my students were a lower NCV level than the ones in the exam.
This brings me to the question how trained are our teachers in teaching this subject? I felt vey angry and upset at the end of that invigialtion session thinking we were failing our students

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