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on Tuesday, 19 June 2012
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Ever got home and found there's NOTHING to watch on TV again. Whether it's the same old sopies, a music channel that doesn't show music (yes MTV I'm talking to you) or movies that you've seen three months ago the feeling of sameness persists. 

Usually computer games come to save the day but sometimes even the destruction of another hostile alien race, the saving of humanity and the glory of achievements lose their appeal.

That's when you need to grab some friends, break out the beer, link the PC to your TV and get prepared for the awesome.

So to get you started for your next Youtube night I've listed and discussed some videos that will truly enrich your life.

First up there is the JB Fanvideo. Justin Beiber, who is officially hated by the internet, made a call to his girl fans to make a video in response to his Boyfriend song. The girl in this "fanvideo" takes it a step further than most in a masterful display of creepiness. All I'm saying is just watch her eyes. If your girlfriend is like this I recommend keeping at least two knives under your pillow.

While the creepiness provides great lulz if you want to watch something for everyone then I suggest you check out Cute Win Fail by Tobuscus. Tobuscus will make you lol until you are in tears (literally my sister was crying because she was laughing so hard). To see what I mean I suggest you watch these three heroic clips, then watch them again with your friends. The first clip involves a dog being man's best friend, the second clip is just filled with awesome and the last clip's Win made my sister cry with laughter. See the channel here.

The last two clips I would like to show to you comes from our home grown spicy chicken firm, Nando's. Seriously these guys have possibly the best ad team in the world and are always piggy backing on current South African issues. If you haven't seen their videos I really recommend that you then see these two. The first video totally rips off cell-c's Trevor Noah advert (which you can see here) I suggest you see the Cell C one first and then the Nando's clip. The second clip almost makes you feel sorry for old Bob Mugabe (well not really but it's fun to laugh at him).

I'm sure these videos will keep you entertained for a little while and provide a good start to your Youtube night.

Netizen Out

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A geek who loves the net, games and all things geeky.


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OS GIKEN Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bandwidth much?

Although I agree with you 100% I am yet to take the leap of faith and get an ADSL line, yes I know, my work 3G is being raped and my boss is fuming at my +-R1500 bill per month(goes off his cost code so its not an expense to me) and my wife gets the creeps when I recharge my iPad's 3G with the R159 500MB voucher every 4-5 days...

So don't say it, I am better off with an ADSL line, I know it!

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