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Posted by AznHun
A 30 something Indian woman living , loving ,laughing and trying to find her pla
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on Tuesday, 19 June 2012
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So today , I decided to start my blogging journey . Tons seems to have happend in the life of me in the last 2 weeks so be prepared for a few more rather interesting blogs.

Well a little about me ....... I am a 30 something female , have returned back to SA after a very memorable stint in the UK for over a decade of my life . Settling into life as we know it here has had its ups and downs. Things have changed dramatically since I lived here.  Finding  my feet slowly but surely currently lecturing Hospitality at a local College, once again a student currently working on my Masters.

Am  totally in love with books and reading. Walking into a bookshop is my kind of Heaven, nothing beats the smell of opening the pages of a new book (ok well maybe the smell of bread baking and onions sauteing).Currently reading Shantaram(a birthday gift which is worthy of its own blog post), purchased my Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy need to check out the hype of these books and got a good classic Breakfast at Tiffanys included in my Holiday reading box.

Love travelling the world meeting new people, dicovering cultures, languages and the culinary delights each place has to offer. A domestic goddess and a huge fan of the colour Pink.

Aurevoir till we meet again.... have an awesome week ahead .....look out for blog post 2 

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A 30 something Indian woman living , loving ,laughing and trying to find her place back in SA after a long stint abroad. A million stories and laughs to share of some of the most amzing places and peple i have met along my life journey..... A domestic goddess who loves cooking , reading , travelling and the colour pink


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redsaid Friday, 22 June 2012


Hey AznHun! A belated welcome to myDL! Also, welcome back to SA! I know exactly how you feel. Seven years ago, I also returned to SA after nine years abroad (in the States). So I know it can be strange/daunting/difficult/nice all at once to settle back home again after such a long absence.

I look forward to reading much more from you.

P.S. Oh, and another thing we have in common: Love of travel and reading!!!

A 30 something Indian woman living , loving ,laughing and trying to find her pla
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AznHun Friday, 22 June 2012


HEY there redsaid thanks for the warm welcome on this chilly day in SA. Moving back is very stressful and should be classed in the same group as divorce,death of a loved one and illness.
While replying to you this popped into my head Sting An Englishman in New York.
Glad we have some things in common. What are you currently reading ? Look forward to reading some of your blogs

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