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on Monday, 28 May 2012
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Have you ever heard of white twitter or black twitter? Search on twitter for the trend #whitetwitter. Then search for…  well done Einstein you guessed it, #blacktwitter.

I have a small feeling (small like a baby whale is small), that this particular blog post could cause a lot of debate and could attract a lot of criticism. But being the confident and highly opinionated person that I am, I am going to aggressively and unapologetically state my views on this issue. I’m going to tell it, exactly how I see it regardless of whether it is a nice truth or not.

And then I am going to run away and hide.

If you don’t like what I say I suppose you could track me down, via my twitter feed, and try initiating some sort of rotten tomato throwing contest, making me the target and my head as the prize. Quite frankly, with thousands of starving children in Ethiopia, I think this would be a waste of vegetables. Even the over-ripe variety. 

If you are really keen to express your disagreement you could track me down using the same formula mentioned above and beat me. I do not recommend this either however as I visited the gym twice this week, and although I have not had the opportunity to test it out yet, I think my right jab may be improving. Also, beating people up is illegal and I will sue you.

 And so alternatively you could fling nasty comments onto the end of this post. That would be my favorite way that you could possibly insult me, as it involves the least amount of physical harm. I would also enjoy this as I could sit at a very safe distance away from you and scream at your name on my computer screen in a Borat accent, “you will never get me, you will never get me”. You will never know I am doing this however, which will keep your feelings from being hurt, keep my body from being hurt and not deprive the Ethiopian children of their vegetables. Beneficial all round.

The concepts of white twitter and black twitter may mean different things to different people. Personally for me these two categories are an attempt at humor. Really nothing more than people playing around with stereotypes of what white people and black people are supposed do, say an how they are supposed to use twitter.

I believe it conveys our ability, as South African’s, to find humor in a history that is anything but “Lol” worthy.

Clearly we are a nation, divided but at least funny.

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