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on Saturday, 26 May 2012
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So as many of you may remember I am still a member of the coolest crew of Bloggers out there... the MyDL teamCoolOkay so I have been awol a while but have a very good excuse! I have become a Sales Rep.  for a while it was tough going as I dd not have a means of writing a blog... no PC, no Laptop and no Galaxy Tab!                                                      But now thanks to a Great Boss I have an easy way of keeping you folks up to date on my daily adventures and weekly mischefs! It hasn`t been an easy journey for me and my Tab the last few weeks... as I found the help guide minimalistic and the settings confusing. I was all for returning it and getting a notebook instead when I finlly got the hang of this cute little toy. Yes that is my honest opinion of this gadget. It is a rather expensive Toy. Unless you have hours to waste in trying to get the keyboard and screen to communicate you are stuck with the touch screen. which is not a bad feature just a bit annoying to keep clean and type on especially when you are a accustomed to a keyboard! The worst for me was trying to find the programmes I use on a daily basis to make appointments , work out quantities and draw designs. Now that I have found them I can`t seemto be able to figuere out the formulas!                                                              Never the Less I am happy to say I am learning to enjoy this quirky little Android. Who knows maybe in a few months I will be telling you about my new notebook instead...
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Charmed Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Welcome Back

Hi, welcome back!

Let us know what your favourite apps are on the Galaxy Tab:) Looking forward to more posts from you!

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