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on Monday, 21 May 2012
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In any community there are always the same kinds of people. The average Joes and Joanne’s, the people who think of themselves as special but in actual fact are also just average, those people who actually are special and those people who are a completely different kind of special.

The last category most specifically refers to the people that society seems to either misinterpret and then shun or interpret completely correctly and shun as well. For example the chandelier earring-wearing homeless guy who sits on your street corner swearing and occasionally accuses passersby of stealing his blanket five years previously.

The guy that stands outside Pick ‘n Pay and quacks. Your senile childhood next door neighbour, who hangs her oversized granny bra’s over the dividing wall between your houses. And who your father affectionately (or not so much) nicknamed, “Loopy”. Completely autobiographical by the way Ripley, believe it.

Social media communities are no different. There are the averagre joes. These are those people that use social media to communicate with other people, share ideas, keep up to date with current affairs, a nice little bit of ambush marketing, stop Kony and generally just blab.

However there are also those special Larry’s or special Loopy’s. The one’s that nobody really gets. The people who have found the weirdest uses for social media. The one’s that are anything but conventional. For example Mashable reports of the church in England who has taken up the use of twitter to extend their blessings to animals.

Tweet a picture of your beloved Fluffy the cat, and the reverend will bless dear Fluffy and give thanks for her.

On a slightly less couth note, you know that very awkward moment when you visit a public toilet and receive a completely different kind of blessing? The kind that makes you wish you had visited any other stall? Well in a company called Kinnernet’s toilets you can by the grace of twitter avoid this. Twitter stream @twitshitters will let you know exactly which stall is hazardous and which is safe.

Not sure what to make for dinner? Tweet @Twecipie your ingredients and it will reply with exactly which recipe you should use to make what.

Social media is clearly Loopy heaven. As professional communicators, we need to be aware that not everybody uses social media for conventional purposes. It is our job to be able to reach these non-conventional users and draw them into the spaces where they have access to our messages. After all, a community full of average Joe’s is boring personified.


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izzyabraham Monday, 21 May 2012

nice post

funny post :) social media has its own society. I'm more or less passive user, but I think the 'Loopy's' are the people who make the digital world a bit more interesting!

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Jude Saturday, 26 May 2012


That's why she's our Queen of Tweet. How about some links and screen grabs for those outrageous Twitter accounts?

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