Four gadgets/tech for all your First World problems

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Ms. Gadget
Megan Ellis is a New Media student and young journalist at Rhodes University.
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on Monday, 21 May 2012
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Ever have a problem which, in the greater scheme of things is trivial, but really irks you anyway?

Well that's exactly what these gadgets and tech innovations were created for: to solve all your First World problems.

# 4: Plant Bot

Enjoy the decoration and the self-satisfication of environmental consciousness that comes with house plants, but can't be bothered to have to ensure they're getting ample sunlight?

The 'Plant Bot' by The Play Coalition solves this problem for you. This bot seeks out sunlight indoors and moves according to the shifting light source to keep your plants and their chlorophyll happy. 

However, information on how this bot actually works seems to exist nowhere on the web - even the Play Coalition just offer pictures on their invention. dubbing it a 'solar seeking botanical augmentation'. 

Some have expressed criticism as to whether even a working prototype has been created. Regardless, the Plant Bot is already garnering some competition in the botanical augmentation sphere of technology.

If you would like to fully embrace laziness, the iRobot Create is being designed. This creation will not only find sun for your plants (making the Plant Bot so 2012), it will also top up the water needed by your plant. Now if only there were a robot which would prune and trim your plants too...

# 3: The Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy

Those of us living alone are either too embarrassed to sing in the shower or have long-since been told by our household companions to shut up. It's only natural then that tech developers have created a solution: a shower head that plays mp3's. 

After all, what is a shower without music?

The Italian company Bossini created the Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy shower head, which is essentially an elaborate iPod/iPhone docking station. 

It includes a stainless steel shower head with two modes (Jet Waterfall or Jet Rain), as well as two speakers and a dock to insert your mp3 player into. 

If sound and water aren't impressive enough, they product also includes LED lights to turn your shower into a full-on event which you will one day tell you grandkids about. The seven light colours available are part of the 'chromotherpeutic' effect mentioned in the name. 

However, the multiple posts relating to the product don't elaborate on exactly how the product protects your mp3 device from humidity and moisture. After all, without a functioning  mp3 player, what's the use of an mp3-playing shower?

# 2: The Hi-Can bed

The Hi-Can bed by Hi-interiors is not just a sleek, futuristic high canopy bed - it is also an entertainment system. 

For the geeks among us, this is a dream come true. One can now transition from gaming to sleeping to gaming without having to get out of the snuggly warmth of our beds. 

According to the product site, the bed includes a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC and a 'full multimedia complement' with a game and entertainment console. 

All this comes without the pesky hassle of having to find a place for all your expensive electronics - they are neatly stashed away in the bed's frame until you want to use them. 

The site adds that one can integrate other appliances into the bed's 'system' so that they too can be operated from the comfort of your bed. 

Hi-Can may just topple McDonald's as a major contributor to obesity in the First World. 

#1: Hydrofloors

The theme with many of these tech innovations seems to be space-saving and automation. After all, with all your stuff, you constantly need to find space to put everything. 

It works through vertical mobility - the floor descends, filling the space with water and creating a swimming pool of your desired depth (especially useful with kids around). When you're done with whatever hydro-activity you embarked on, you are able to make the floor ascend as water flows back down into the underground chamber. A Hydrofloor is the epitome of this need. This product is essentially a 'disappearing' indoor swimming pool. 

This leaves space indoors for other activities or it can simply at as a safeguard for pets and children who may fall in unattended. 

That's all for now, but more will be coming your way this week with my next blog post on every nerd's favourite topic: robots. 



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izzyabraham Monday, 21 May 2012


I love number 2 and 3 :D! now just need to save up for those.

Ms. Gadget
Ms. Gadget
Megan Ellis is a New Media student and young journalist at Rhodes University.
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Ms. Gadget Monday, 21 May 2012


I'm sorry to say that with a journalist's salary, it'll be long before we can afford either :P

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Jude Saturday, 26 May 2012

Geek beds

I somehow doubt that geeks how buy no 3 will be able to hang onto a partner for too long. If she or he complains about TV in the bedroom, Internet IN THE BED is probably a dealbreaker [Thanks Liz Lemon]

Ms. Gadget
Ms. Gadget
Megan Ellis is a New Media student and young journalist at Rhodes University.
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Ms. Gadget Sunday, 27 May 2012


Research shows that geeks tend to couple up, so chances are they'll become immobile together

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justen Saturday, 14 July 2012

Awesome stuff!

Cool post Ms. Gadget! All the gadgets are pretty neat, but I must admit it'll be freaky having a plant walking about the house..:p

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