SANDF - Saying that Some animals are more equal than others

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on Monday, 07 May 2012
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"SANDF - Protecting our Borders... and our Rhinos".   They forgot to mention your regular trips to war torn countries and the silly pay.  But what I think grinded me the most about reading this advert, was that my tax money funded this propoganda.  

I love Rhinos, I wish they were being protected PROPERLY by our government, who wants to make hunting these precious creatures legal, but I know that said propoganda is far from the truth.

Say, what about the continued tormenting sharks?  Or the Culling of elephants in Limpopo?  Who's got their hides and fins?  

Perhaps my irritation was driven by the continued propoganda of e-tolling on my journey, and this giant advert was the snow cap on Everest.  Calling this  the  cherry on top would be calling Richard Mduli's criminal activity, petty theft.

But back to SANDF.  They are a good organisation, but I question their excessive television and static advertising.  

Why are they recruiting so aggressively.  Why does Uncle Sam want so many new soldiers?  

The talented press of our nation will let us know shortly, I'm sure.  But hey, if the Rhinos are winning out of this propoganda, keep it up SANDF.  

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