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on Monday, 07 May 2012
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Photograph taken by: Photojojo

4, 25 million users in 7 months, and more than a hundred million users per day. Instagram is the new young lady who everyone wants a piece of at the moment.

Instagram is a photo sharing application launched in 2010. At first Instagram, in strictly Snow White style, only favoured Apple’s. It was available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. But later however Instagram expanded to allow for Android.

The application allows you to share your photographs via the Instagram network or any of your social networks. It also allows you to edit your photographs. Now you too can release your own Victoria’s Secret model photo’s, even if all your followers do indeed wish you had kept it a secret.

Pimping your favourite photographs of your cat with Instagram is as easy as making instant chicken noodle soup. It's Instagram-ification. Simply add photo of said cat, mix with pre-set Instagram filters and stir. “Viola” says Jamie Oliver. There you have a gourmet mix of sepia in which your cat looks like a million dollars, or perhaps a billion dollars as Facebook thought.

Facebook bought Instagram’s hand in marriage for approximately 28 American Dollars for each of its users, in early April. Mr. Zuks stated that the Instagram application would be a highly effective partner of the social media giant as it, like Facebook, focused on the best ways in which to share photos with family and friends. This is an attempt by Facebook to integrate social media and mobile applications.

It is perhaps questionable as to whether Facebook sought to purchase Instagram in order to glue its bottom back onto the throne of social media. It is no secret that other social media applications have shifted Facebook’s dominance of the social media landscape in recent years. According to studies done in March by comScore, Facebook wasn’t America’s most used social networking platform.

On the contrary social network, Tagged, took the crown. Tagged, Sir Facebook The Second to you, was modelled after Facebook in 2004. This site allows one to friend people and share tags between friends. As Mashable states, Tagged is based more heavily on meeting people and establishing new connections while Facebook is structured more heavily according to offline relations.

Although the number of visitors to Facebook is still higher than Tagged, Tagged still outweighed Facebook on comScore’s most engaged social media list. This is because users spent more time on Tagged. It was calculated that users spent an average of 12.1 minutes on Tagged per visit, while only 10.8 minutes on Facebook.

An extra 1.3 minutes? Shocking! But moat of sarcasm aside, this extra 1.3 minutes is clearly enough to make all the difference. Perhaps Facebook’s loyal subjects and minions aren’t so loyal after all.

Twitter has also been yapping around Facebook’s feet for a long while. The Best of Instgram photograph competition is run through Twitter, not Facebook. In this competition, users submit photo’s in the race for Retweets. It is therefore clear that twitter and Instagram have already an effectively established and solid relationship. Although Facebook is still the Goliath, of social media by far, one can’t ignore the Davids’, running in between its toes.

Facebook has said that the marriage between itself and Instagram will seek to grow both the photo application and the social network together as well as apart. The marriage will be an open one, as you will still be able to share Instagram photo’s on other social networks such as Twitter and Flickr.

Facebook seems to be a bit tongue-tied at the altar with respect to how it is going to ensure that people use Instagram primarily with Facebook.  Will Facebook’s new purchase benefit them in anyway in the long run or will they simply be developing an application that people will be using with every other social network? Will Facebook end up burning its bottom?

That seems to be a question only time will tell. And if so, I'm afriad we'll see these two lovebirds at the divorce court.

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Ryc0v Monday, 07 May 2012

All the people in this picture are now dead

Hipsters unite, now you can polaroid your pics without even knowing how to run photoshop scripts!


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