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on Monday, 07 May 2012
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Soon, iBurst will be launching a new iBTel service, which lets customers make unlimited international calls and faxes at a fixed rate.  Users will be able to make the calls and faxes on any standard telephone, and they will only need a broadband connection.  This service is priced at R999 for a once-off activation fee, and R699 thereafter per month.

Computer Universe

With its release of its Z1 all-in-one workstation, HP is holding a competition where users download the ‘Free Your Imagination’ Facebook app.  They then can upload anything that inspires them, a design, a film, maybe even a computer program.  The creation must be connected somehow to HP, and the most inspiring creation will win an HP Z1 all-in-one workstation.

Users of OS X’s FileVault encryption need to change their passwords, because a bug has been find that stores their passwords in a system-wide debug log file, stored in plain text outside of the encrypted area.  Other users will then be able to read the password, risking malware.  The bug is only on those who used FileVault before upgrading to 10.7.3.  FileVault 2 is unaffected by the bug.

Fact of the week:  5% of current computer users worldwide use Linux OS

Gadget Life

Apple’s filed some patents last week to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and they are definitely an interesting look in to the future of technology.  There is a patent for a haptic feedback system, that would ‘push back’ when you press on a touchscreen device.  It is formed by a stack of haptic elements which would be used to change the actual surface of the touchscreen device.  Apple also applied for a ‘rechargeable battery with a jelly roll having multiple thicknesses’ and a small desktop computer that would be less vulnerable to environmental damage and would have a removable base made of transparent material.

Vergence Labs is developing eyewear which would have a camera attached to it.  A user would be able to record videos and take pictures instantly, and imagine, it would from a perfect angle, your eyes.  The glasses will be electric-powered, and the company has created a social networking website Yougen.Tv where owners of the eyewear will be able to create profiles and upload their pictures and videos, basically a kind of Flickr and Youtube mixed together.

Fact of the week:  GPS satellites orbit about 12 000 miles above us

Gaming World

Fans of shooting games will be glad to hear that Sniper Elite V2 shot its way into our stores last week.  The third-person shooter puts you in the middle of war-torn Berlin, in a war between Germany and Russia, and your target is… Yep you guessed it, Hitler!  The infamous ‘bullet cam’ makes its return, and the game is be available on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 platforms.

The sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops has been announced that it will be available around November this year.  Black Ops 2 will have a central storyline of United States and China fighting in a new cold war, and technology falls into the hands of terrorists, in the year 2025.

Zynga wants to add an interesting idea to their Draw Something, with advertising.  Basically, it will add real products from advertisers to objects users must draw.  NHL recently signed up, so for example, you could get words such as puck or slap shot on the clues list whilst playing the game.  Zynga is also in talks with companies to sponsor real prizes as well.

Fact of the week:  53% of Facebook users play games regularly

Mobile Press

For the next three months, ‘Supa Woza’ will be the two words on every Cell C customer’s lips, due to the network’s new promotion.  Cell C’s prepaid customers will receive 50% bonus airtime when they recharge with R10 or more in a day, and the bonus airtime will expire after 7 days.  It is applicable to Woza Wheneva customers, whilst users on the all day, per second or standard tariff plans will need to change to Supa Woza to start enjoying their 50% bonus airtime.

SUP… No it’s not a MXit greeting, it’s the initials of Sony’s new Xperia NXT series phones which were launched last week in Braamfontein.  The phones form the ‘four screen technology’ phrase, as users can access and view their content on their smartphone, notebook, television or tablet.  The Xperia S is armed with an impressive 4.3-inch 720p touchscreen with Sony Mobile BRAVIA engine, and a grand 12-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording.  Slightly less expensive, the Xperia P features an internal 16GB of storage with 1GB of RAM, and a multi-touch screen with Sony WhiteMagic Technology.  The more humble phone of the three, the Xperia U, has Sony 3D surround sound audio technology, Timescape UI and a scratch-resistant display.  The Xperia S is available from this month, and the latter two will be in stores next month.

The latest in mobile chip news is that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company upgraded a dual-core ARM A9 mobile processor all the way up to 3.1GHz.  The chip which usually runs around 1.2GHz in modern smartphones, was designed with High Performance for Mobile applications technology which is usually used in tablets and mobile devices.

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII was released last week in London, and Apple’s iPhone has got tough competition.  The Galaxy is propelled with some serious tech on it, including a sensor which maintains a bright display until the user isn’t looking at it, S Voice which basically lets you control the phone using just your voice, and S Beam in which you just tap two Galaxy SIII’s and you can transfer files at an amazingly-fast speed.  The phone is equipped with a 4.8-inch super high definition AMOLED display, an 8 megapixel camera, up to 64 GB storage and runs on Google’s Android.  It will be released in South Africa in the next months…

Fact of the week:  LG’s Optimus One is the best selling smartphone in LG’s history

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