Less ads on paper and more ads online

Posted by Shiraz
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on Monday, 30 April 2012
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As social media sites are receiving increasingly more attention in the media due to "privacy laws" and advertising, I thought it pertinent to add my 10 cents worth.

It seems to me that some people  take offence to online ads on the internet. I would like to point out that radio stations use piad for ad spots to generate revenue to keep broadcasting. This isnt very different from TV stations and pay channels. We need to think of the net as another channel. As we move forward , I think ads will become more personalised and directed to the specific reader/viewer. This ought to cut down on the clutter.

Just the other day, I noticed that I dont take so much notice of the billboards on our roads anymore. I think I "switch off" in my car and switch back on when I logon onto my networks.

As print titles jostle for position online, less and less trees will be chopped down for their pulp for paper. Wesbank recently confirmed their move to paperless contracts. Less ads on paper and more ads online will mean a saving for our planet. So, the next time your blood pressure level starts rising when faced with a banner ad, just remember that that very ad could very well be the one that saved that particular tree in Sappi's or Mondi's forests in Mpumulanga.


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