Blackberry massenger, at first glance

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on Sunday, 29 April 2012
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The hype around blackberry massenger has been around for quite some time since blackberry management decided to increase their clients base, from purely business specific individual to almost everyone who wishes to sink their teeth on a pie prepared by rim. Yes some went for the fame/status, the benefit, and the tech, performance, and security. Well in my case i never went there, i dont like following the crowd and becoming a statistic, or maybe in this case i did have a better alternative. So, last week for the first time since the blackberry hype, which now has a bleak future, i did get my hands on a Blackberry 'was borrowed anway', well a thinner kind of curve to be specific, it appears there are lot more kinds if not two i saw. The BIS (blackberry internet service) was the best, simply the best not once did i worry about useless data wasted when the browser was loading non necessary high quality pictures and animation as i was browsing the web. i have to say maybe the phone i was using was not configured to look its best, but the BBM user interface was disapointing beyond my words can express, wow i found my self looking at the standard asci text interface with bold letters here and there, message/text/etc notification was confusing, to top it all, never before since blackberry have i ever seen a smartphone taking so long to boot, i used to think droid took long still with fastboot enabled but now i know i was kind of wrong. last but not least im convinced that BBerry is made to favour instant messages/ers (IM) i mean whats with 'alt' this, 'alt' that to dial a number or acess star hash code commands. Overall, i think blackberry can do better, they already have hearts of million here in south africa. BIS and BBM, can no longer keep strong profits guaranteed any longer.
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