Play Varus Free in League of Legends Public Beta

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on Saturday, 28 April 2012
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League of Legends Varus Wallpaper

The legendary MOBA game League of Legends has servers in North America and EU West but what most players don't know is that the LoLPBE (Public Beta Environment) server is the beta where gamers can test out new features and champions like Varus, the arrow of retribution, before it reaches the official game servers.

Don't worry about working too hard because you will receive 4000 RP (Riot Points), 10000 IP (Influence Points) free and also reach level 30 automatically when you do your first take-down.

There is currently a scramble for who gets to play as Varus first, so be quick about it.

Download the beta and let it update to the latest version while you signup for a new account on the PBE server.

Here's a short video of me trying Varus for the first time, against bots.

Do you play League of Legends or any MOBA games and if you've tried Varus, what do you think of him?


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