Woza decent connectivity...woza! ........Woza lower data rates . . . woza!

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on Thursday, 26 April 2012
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as most peeps head off for destinations unknown, the ability to share content on the fly, will see a rich exchange of media over the airwaves. Smartphones will be clicking their way through hundreds of pics, to be uploaded to Facebook and other photo platforms. Instant Messaging services are sure to enjoy a boost in numbers whilst traffic apps like Waze will show us wherever pork chops and eisbeins hide.( @pigspotter on Twitter )

there will be a clear distinction between net junkies and those who are online only from the office in their online prescence this weekend. On a positive note, as data prices come tumbling down ( Icasa's recent announcement ), holidays will see an even greater exchange of media rich content. With the advent of cloud computing, storage in the cloud and seamless connectivity between devices are making my digital life a breeze.

Woza decent connectivity Woza!   Woza lower data prices.....woza!


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weideJUR Thursday, 26 April 2012

WACS - West Africa Cable System

WACS is the cable system that has recently been commissioned will also contribute to media traffic, but more importantly it'll put pressure on broadband prices to drop in the near future - this is also good for 'My Digital Life'

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