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on Monday, 23 April 2012
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Getting a free battlefield 3 copy is pretty awesome, geeking out with the Durban gamers is awesome and watching your friends dance off against each other in the new Xbox Kinect Star Wars game in front of a crowded restaurant is priceless.

The above experience came from the organization called  DBN Gamers created by three legendary gentleman, Kordian AKA "CtrlAltDelZA", Matthew "SMUROH" (A brave attempt at spelling Smurf) and Peter  "POItjie" de Bruyn . I was lucky enough to sit down with the last chap Mr POItjie and chat to him about the whole DBNGamer scene.

One of the first thing I asked him was, "Why did you decide to start this group?" Aside from, "getting all the chicks" the main reason was to put Durban on the map and drive towards getting larger gaming events hosted here. Whether they are game launches or big hybrid lan/tech/news events like RAGE in JHB. 

Like I mentioned in earlier articles, there has been a drive in Durban to move beyond the cliche perception of Durban being a passive or lazy place compared to the other cities and it's people like POItjie who are making it real step by step.

I also asked POItjie to tell us about his earlier events and what it's been like seeing DBNGamers grow. The initial event in December last year started with a whopping 7 people gathered around a table and a few beers. Slowly as more sponsors and people have flocked to the DBNGamers banner event has grown where now just 5 months down the line and on the fifth event DBNGamers is hosting just short of 60 people. You can see the big smile on his face as he talks about how the group has grown with it's presence ever expanding on FaceBook and Twitter.

A typical event involves groups of gamers rocking up at a restaurant/pub, like Waxy O Connor's in Westville and Pizzetta in Glenwood. As the gamers infiltrate the venue the venue the average geekiness rockets with words like "owned", "noob" and "lol" popping up. People eat, talk and drink while chatting about all their latest experiences and gaming joys. 

At the latest event you could see the founders making sure to move around and chat to the various gamers helping bring all the wayward souls together making for a friendly atmosphere that culminates in a show of new awesome game trailers and prizes. And boy have there been prizes. This latest event had Pinnacle (A major distributor of computer equipment in SA) and Logitech hand out top quality Logitech mouse, keyboard and headset equipment.

Desmond "Bosbvok" Kurz  from MWEB gave us a convincing speech for gamers to use MWEB specifically pointing out how MWEB prioritize gaming traffic to the top position on their network. He was kind enough to give away a Battlefield 3 limited edition game and create a dance off challenge for Mass Effect 3 (people were salivating to get this game, much like Meg Ellis). The dance off was played on the new Star Wars game that's just arrived on the Xbox. Not only did the dancing make everyone rofl but comments from the crowd like, "No wonder you guys don't have girlfriends!" brought many more lulz to the event.

The events are open and anyone can attend. The prizes are often a combination of giveaways (like my new shiny Battlefield 3) and maybe a little friendly competition. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and with the backing of companies like Logitech, Pinnacle, EA, El33tonline, Mweb Gamezone, Apex interactive and egamer it is sure to continue being a success.

Battlefield 3 Xbox South Africa

POItjie asked me to inform all Xbox BF3 people that himself and El33tonline host an Xbox live BF3 event every Friday. The event looks really cool as there is a little write up before hand of the event and a battle report released the following Monday. You can check out the reports here. The event is open to all provided. Just add POItjie or Smuroh(Their gamertags) as friends and chat to them.

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