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on Monday, 23 April 2012
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While nurturing my weekend hangover this morning I trolled the internet for bit of information that could jumpstart my brain again (as I suspect I may need to use aspects of it in the coming week) I stumbled on the prospect of the new Xbox 720.

First things first, let's have a look at some of the speculated features:

- Built in Kinect

- 8-Core or even 16 Core Processor (Sounds like overkill, but Kinect could be the main driver for this)

- 3D Support

- Multi-TV & Live TV

- More compact in size

- Blu-ray Drive (finally!!)

- Cheaper......hmmmmm.....locally that would probably equate to about R200.....if that much.....

Now, let's take a look at some of the more concerning rumours:

- Although there is speculation the Blu-ray will be offered, there is a camp that seems more convinced that MS is moving toward digital downloads or SD storage, making the disc drive obsolete to save on space....I personally feel this is highly unlikely...especially here in Africa where we still crank up our Internet with a coal fire stoked by ridiculous costs.

- Some rumours suggest that you will no longer be able to play second hand games on the console. These rumours circulate around the speculation of MS demanding an Always-On Internet connection.....if true....MS can kiss goodbye market share in SA.

I am too lazy to upload pics, but go find looks nifty to say the least...

What's in a name....

The new generation Xbox has been dubbed the 720, pretty much because nobody has a clue what it will be called. There was some leaked info based on a Tweet from a MS developer who referred to it as "Durango"....but if we have to assume complete coherent thoughts from tweets....then I fear we are all in serious trouble...

When will it be released?

Well....the optimists like to think that it will be by Christmas 2012, the responsible digital reporters claims Christmas 2013 and the realists mentioned Christmas 2014. I suggest keeping an eye on Sony for more information on the MS Xbox release date, simply because it would appear that Sony is convinced that PS4 will launch before the new generation Xbox

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riiaan Monday, 23 April 2012

Terrible rumors!

I have also heard that Microsoft wants to do away with the hardrive and that everything must be downloaded and stored in the cloud.

If they do that, we can kiss the xbox good bye in SA.

But i don't think they will do that, yet.

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