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on Monday, 23 April 2012
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Time released their Time 100 Most Influential People last week, and as always, among them were technology icons.  Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive and successor to Steve Jobs made it to the top 60, whilst Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg got two spots above Tim.  The infamous Anonymous hacker group was voted to number 36, and IBM’s Virginia Rometty is number 60.  Salman Khan of was voted as the world’s most influential person in technology, and other influencers in technology are Ben Rattray, Henrik Schärfe, Pete Cashmore, Marc Andreesen, Daniel Ek and Erik Martin.

Computer Universe

Last week, Epson South Africa signed a deal with Incredible Connection, which will see Epson’s inkjet printers being available in Incredible stores nationwide from Thursday.  The agreement will also mark Incredible Connection as Epson’s principal mass retail partner in South Africa.

If you thought Flashflake Trojan, the notorious Trojan that helped create a botnet of more than 700 000 Mac computers was bad, think again.  Backdoor.OSX.SabPub is the worst kind of Trojan, as it is fully controlled by criminals, and their limits are endless.  After activating on an infected system, the Trojan connects to a remote website, where the cybercriminals take full control of the infected machine.  Luckily the number of users infected with this malware is relatively low, which also suggests that this backdoor is used in targeted attacks.

Fact of the week:  Sony introduced the 3.5 inch floppy disk in 1981

Gadget Life

A year before Steve Jobs died, he spoke of an idea of a smaller iPad, a mini iPad.  It is now rumoured that Apple could be in the process of producing an iPad whose size would be between an iPad and iPod Touch’s.  Reports from Asia suggest that Apple has ordered 7.86-inch screens from Samsung.  A smaller iPad with a lower price point would be competition’s nightmare…

According to a poll on high-tech by online casino, it was found that one in ten single men would rather have an iPad 3 than a new partner.  And 3% said they would leave their current partner if they were rewarded with the tablet.  On the other hand, 84% of women stated that they would prefer a new partner than an iPad 3.  44% of them said that they had used an app to resolve a relationship problem, and 15% regularly consulted the internet for relationship advice.

Fact of the week:  Apple iPod Touch’s screen is its most expensive part

Gaming World

Activision Blizzard recently announced 007 Legends, a new James Bond game.  The game will boast an overarching storyline, which means the storyline will span over six Bond movies, including the upcoming Skyfall title.  It should be available in South Africa by spring this year for PlayStation and Xbox 360.

Good news for PlayStation Vita owners, Sony is releasing three new free applications for PlayStation Vita.  The apps are being released separately, and Paint Park was released last week.  Paint Park is similar to Draw Something, in that you use the display as a sketch pad, able to create and share drawings and sketches.  Users are also able to take photos with the PlayStation and add some creative flair in one way or another…

Bad news for Darksiders fans, Darksiders 2 has been delayed two months to an August release, due to its development team working more on perfecting the game which will be bigger than the first.

Fact of the week:  The average game player is 33 years old


South Africans have taken their angers to social media due to last week’s shark attack that killed a young boy in Cape Town.  David Lilienfeld lost his right leg after being attacked by a shark, and died as a result of his injuries.  The creators of a National Geographic documentary named ‘Shark Men’ have come under criticism for their use of chum to attract sharks to the area for filming, and are now victims of online criticism.

Word on the street is that Google Drive will be released as early as next week.  The cloud storage service is expected to offer as much as 5GB free storage to users, and users will be able to synchronise their files between tablets, mobile phones and computers.

Gmail Meter is a new nifty tool for Gmail users that basically comes up with statistics about your usage patterns.  Its features include daily traffic figures, which estimates peak times when you receive and send mail.  E-mail categories will inform you on how well you are managing your Inbox.  The app is free to Gmail users. 

Social-blogging site Tumblr announced that they will begin selling advertising from next month.  It’s ironic because its CEO David Karp had in the past once said that the site was opposed to advertising.  Until now, the site had been making money by taking a percentage of the custom blog themes sales as well as users getting their posts highlighted for a fee.

Fact of the week:  Airline tickets account for 77% of South African online purchases

Mobile Press

Oltio and MasterCard have introduced MasterCard Mobile to the South African community.  MasterCard and Maestro cardholders will be able to use their PIN-based debit, cheque or credit cards, issued by ABSA, Nedbank or Standard Bank to pay for online purchases using an MTN or Vodacom cellphone.

The Motorola Defy+ which has been available worldwide for some time now, was recently introduced to South African consumers.  The 5 megapixel camera, 3.7-inch touch screen phone runs on a 1GHz processor and operates on Android.  The phone goes for R2 899, and with a dust-free design and being water and scratch resistant, don’t we all wish our phones were that ‘safe’…

Fans of the Parlotones will be delighted to hear of a new app that has been designed specifically for them.  The custom app will be available to iPhone and Android handsets, and a BlackBerry version will be available next month.  Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare will be integrated with the app which provide access to the band’s latest videos, gig guide, and more.  For gamers, a trackable passport game is available as well.  There will be ‘passports’ given out, and the aim of the game is to scan as many passports as possible for rewards and spot prizes.

Fact of the week:  Cellphone owners look at their phone every 6.5 minutes averagely

Look out for a special on Wednesday…


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