Polarfluke - The Face of SC2 and DOTA 2 in SA

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on Tuesday, 10 April 2012
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If you're a big Starcraft Fanatic or one of the multitude who are salivating in anticipation for Dota2 then you should seriously go check out Polarfluke.

These guys are currently trying to get competitive gaming going in SA. They have so far hosted 3 league tournaments with one being held just this last Wednesday, all of which looked awesome.

They also cover an in depth analysis of some competitive gaming news, like the recent pay-to-view model being employed for the Major League Gamng's winter arena held in Manhattan, New York.

What I think is a real endorsement of Polarflukes is the support they are getting from the  New Age Gaming (NAG) magazine. NAG is South Africa's big dog in terms of gaming that I've been reading since some of the very first issues. If they are supporting something then you know it's going places.

The Dota side is a bit sparse at the moment but when they gave away beta keys you could see a massive spike in activity!

All in all it looks like a great site and hopefully it will give a much needed boost to competitive gaming in SA beyond the usual FPS frenzy.

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A geek who loves the net, games and all things geeky.


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