Push-button Pizza - Laziness or convenience?

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I'm a Digital Account Manager for a Cape Town based Digital Marketing company. M
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on Thursday, 29 March 2012
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So I read this article the other day on TGDaily (over here as a matter of fact) about a Pizza company in Dubai called "Red Tomato Pizza" who have a fridge magnet you literally stick onto your fridge, push a button on it and DING DONG!? Is that Pizza at my front door!? Why YES IT IS!

How it works (simply) is you setup your favourite order with them which is linked to your account (and presumably tagged to the device via matching up of a hardware ID with your account ID). It uses your internet connection to beam the order through. Because your payment details are linked to your account ID it is literally at the touch of a button that your favourite pizza order is placed, paid for and delivered because they have your delivery address. BOOM, pizza, hot, tasty and goddamn fast! (and no way to screw up the order).

It has to make a person wonder though... is this a new level of laziness humanity is stooping to, or just another convenience afforded us by our inexorable march through advancing technology?

A friend of mine emailed me one of those *shudder* chain-type mails which was addressed to the kids of the current generation and how us "30-somethings" didn't have all the things they do now. I guess reading this article about the "Pizza button" got me thinking about whether we're getting more lazy or just finding quicker and more convenient ways of exploiting our technology to serve us better.

Mind you, in South Africa, a pizza button mightn't be a bad idea considering you're open to a myriad of potentially sticky endings from the time you step out of your front door (or before (and yes, one might argue you could step out of your front door anywhere in the world and catch the proverbial "Bert's bus")) and the time you reach your favourite fast food establishment.

How do I rate it?

Convenient? - Yes for delivery and billing and absolute breeze!

Screw-up-your-order-proof? - Yes, Very!

Epitome of laziness? Absolutely! But do you (or I) care?

Do I think it's a great idea? Hell yeah! Punch that sh*t! Then get back to your Xbox, PC, PS3, DSTV or whatever other addiction of choice you might have having lifted only a finger!

Well... the question really is, will you be out the following morning burning off the extra calories you didn't expend getting into your car and driving out, or living (and holding) the phone to your ear (and burning the calories yelling at the person on the other end about what you're trying to order because they can't get it right the first 32 times). Hmmmmm.... how far we've come indeed!

I'm a Digital Account Manager for a Cape Town based Digital Marketing company. My life revolves around (and is dictated to by) technology and it's use.


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The General Wednesday, 04 April 2012


Wouldn't it be amazing if we had them here?!

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