Helen Zille - Refugee: Tweet for Twit

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on Wednesday, 28 March 2012
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The debate may have died down on this subject, but this morning I came across a blog written by Mablerh on JustCurious.co.za titled White People Annoy Me and after reading it I wanted to know more about the author as I am always interested to see what makes idiots tick, so I went onto his Twitter page and found that at the top of the list of people he follows is Madame Helen Zille......this in turn reminded me of the fact that I still have 2c to contribute toward the Refugee topic...

Before we begin, let's have a look at the meaning of some words according to the dictionary:

Refugee = "a person who has fled from some danger or problem, especially political persecution"

Comrade = "an associate or companion, or a fellow member of a political party, especially a fellow Communist or socialist"

Well.....looking at the above, it almost sums up everything I have to say...but not quite...

For those who just arrived on planet earth, Helen Zille made a comment that students from the Eastern Cape are flocking to the Western Cape as Refugees in search of better education. What was supposed to be a simple statement to highlight a serious problem with some powerful nouns, turned out with Helen Zille wasting her time to try and educate a highly illiterate ANC party on the simple meaning of the word Refugee.

True to their fumbling form, the ANC erupted with a typical Malema flavour....you know...an insecure, uneducated lashing that expose our racially primitive existence in a veil of embarrassment to the rest of the civilised and educated world. The ANC said the comment was inhumane and an insult to black people.

The Comrades were very upset about Helen Zille referring to students as refugees. Wait....let me translate the latter sentence into plain English, according to the actual meaning of the words.

The Communists were very upset about Helen Zille referring to students as fleeing from a problem.

At the end of the day, the ANC decided that Refugee is a verry bed werd....an insult. Helen Zille used the word according to its intended meaning and the ANC could not understand this. As result Helen has proved the need for decent education. Educated people would not have had a problem with this and I hope the Western Cape will give rise to some educated politicians in the country that will rather make a massive hype over crime or serious matters, instead of trying to change the meaning of a word.

In the Western Cape we are super fortunate to have the DA and Helen Zille. I have been to ANC municipal areas and they are shocking, to say the very least. The state of roads and public facilities are a disgrace compared to what we have. Truth be told, I don't give a crap what the name of the political party is in charge, as long as they do what we have elected them to do, something I can see the DA is doing in comparison to other areas.

Alas....I have praised Helen, but I have a bone to pick with her as well. She is a Kwaai Tannie and "vat nie k*k nie", but....I get the feeling that she is just another political puppet trying to pacify people of colour (she doesnt feel the need to campaign amongst whites, thanks to the DA legacy). A nice road and pretty plants is awesome, but what about real issues.....like Taxi dangers?

The other morning a friend of mine was on her way to work when a taxi came down the road in her lane, heading head-on toward her as he was skipping the traffic in his lane. She had nowhere to go and managed to find a piece on the side of the road where she could pull over.....the taxi swerved at her before passing her to show her that next time if she does not get out of his way he will move her himself. This happens every day and yet for the past few years, NOTHING has been done to address the lawless taxi's....

Anyway, back to the issue at hand.....

Helen and her Refugee Tweet created a Twitter explosion.....yup.....suddenly there were Twits everywhere....


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Megg_Ellis Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The political sphere in SA seems to be a lot of finger-pointing and mud-slinging. They insult each other and their motives and resort to social networks and the media as carriers of their message. And while they waste their time on this, people continue to starve. Makes me angry. I know political debate is encouraged, but SA politicians seem to use it to denounce each other continuously, without doing something about the issues.

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