My name is ShackledMuse, and I'm a former twit-abuser

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Cheryl-Anne Roelofsz, also known as Shackled Muse, is a South African blogger/wr
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on Tuesday, 27 March 2012
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Twitter abuser just doesn't sound right. Neither does Person-Who-Used-Twitter-Wrong. 

That was me. I never "got" twitter. Sure,I had 500+ followers, I tweeted and retweeted the same links over and over again. I scheduled posts to tweet automatically ever 2 hours for days on end.

It wasn't all in vain. I got a lot of traffic through my vile tweeting habits. People clicked on my links, and because I had a substantial amount of followers who also used dodgy twit methods and posted a gazillion links an hour, nobody really cared that I retweeted the same link every hour non stop for 3 days. (I received a few "so you're either a spammer or bot" messages, but duly ignored them. 

Twitter was just a dead tool that I used, and I hardly ever checked my feed, because I followed 700+ people who did the same thing I did. Anything interesting, of value, or a special tweet from a close (sane) friend or family member just got lost in all the crap on my newsfeed. 

I'm proud to announce that I changed my ways! And twitter loves me now. 

A site called TwitCleanup generated reports on who I followed. A very comprehensive report I might add. I soon got rid of all the bots, spanners, dodgy users and the like. The number of people I followed when from 700 to 200. Now, I see all the tweets I want to see, from people who actually matter.

Here's my badge of honour:

ShackledMuse Twitter

Cheryl-Anne Roelofsz, also known as Shackled Muse, is a South African blogger/writer/poet, netjunkie, wannabe photographer, all-round-freak and lover of books. You can contact her @shackled_muse, stalk her on any one of her social media platforms, or just say Hi. She doesn't bite that hard.


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