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The Weekly Grenade is going to be a weekly feature in which I round-up the week’s news.  As time goes on, I will add other features as well.  After every section, there is a question in italics which is a discussion point, in which you can answer your opinion in the comments section.


Neotel has finally reached 100 000 subscribers, five years after its launch.

Samsung and Telkom have signed a deal in which Samsung customers will be able to download content on their Samsung Smart television sets at affordable rates.

Look out for major specials on Samsung television models over the next 30 days.  Samsung South Africa plans major specials on their current television models to make way for their 2012 range that will go on sale from next month.

iBurst is launching Funda TV, a new free-to-air satellite channel that will be focusing on airing vocational lectures and practical demonstrations from top universities in the world to South African youth.  For the satellite dish, decoder and installation, it will apparently cost less than R1 000.  Students with internet connectivity will be able to interact with other students and lecturers on different platforms.

Do you think a lot of youth are going to subscribe to Funda TV?

Computer Universe

According to numerous sources, Windows 8 could be released in October this year.  Microsoft is set to announce the official date next month, and Lenovo plans to launch a Windows 8 tablet in October, so the rumour could be true…

Fact of the week:  For every 100 people in SA, there are 8.5 computers

If you are buying a computer soon, are you going to wait for Windows 8?

Gadget Life

Western Digital is launching the next My Passport line of portable hard drives which range from 500 gigabytes to 2 terabytes of capacity.  Their features include automatic backup software, password protection and hardware encryption, scratch and fingerprint resistant as well as fast USB 3.0 connectivity.

Three million units of iPad 3 were sold in the first three days after hitting the shelves.  The three million consists of iPads sold in the Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and of course the United States.

Fact of the week:  More than 205 000 iPads have been sold in South Africa since the launch of the device in April 2010

Will you buy the 2 terabytes portable hard drives?

Gaming World

Rockstar has confirmed a multiplayer crossover in the upcoming Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto releases.  Basically that means that the crews you create in Max Payne 3 will be available for you to play in Grand Theft Auto V.  Players join crews online and fight with other crews, and all stats and feuds will be kept by the Rockstar Games Social Club.  It is set to be a revolution in gaming, and the feature could be incorporated into future games.

Fact of the week:  The SA gaming industry is currently worth just over R1.7 billion

What features do you hope to be in Grand Theft Auto V?


11 200 South African small and medium sized enterprises have launched their own websites easily for free due to the Woza Online initiative that was started in January.  A joint venture between Google, the Department of Trade and Industry, Vodacom and the Human Resources Development Council, this initiative’s purpose is to help small and medium sized enterprises create jobs, increase their own turnovers and ultimately boost the economy.

A committee has been formed in Egypt in conjunction with banning internet pornography.  It is believed that pornography is increasing rape and divorce in the Northern African nation.  Considering that the country is rebuilding itself after the Mubarak regime, this certainly isn’t a good start to expressing freedom of choice…

Fact of the week:  Over 60% of internet traffic generated on the African continent originates from South Africa

Would you support pornography censorship in South Africa?

Mobile Press

MTN came up as the only African company in the Brand Finance Global 500.  It is currently at the 188th position in the world’s most valuable brand rankings.

Currently MTN has over 164 million subscribers.

According to Cisco’s Visual Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast for 2011-2016, South African mobile data is set to increase 49 times by 2016.  It will have grown three times faster than fixed IP traffic.  Mobile video traffic will grow 91 times, whilst a 52-fold increase is expected in mobile gaming by 2016.

CheqOut is a new South African mobile credit app that enables you to receive credit card payments through your cellphone.  This cancels-out the need to go to an ATM to draw money to make a payment, and it’s ideal for small businesses.  The app will be launched next month.  The unfortunate news is that it’s available for iOS and Android devices only…

Apple’s new iPhone which will should debut in the next few months is going to have a massive 4.6-inch retina display, an upgrade on the current 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4S.  It is speculated to have at least 1GB of RAM as well as a quad-core processor.

Fact of the week:  At least 17% of South Africa’s population use smartphones

What IT brand do you think should be the most valuable brand in South Africa?




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