Democracy Shmocracy

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on Monday, 19 March 2012
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The concept of democracy, in the global sense, is much desired, but the underlying undercurrent behind the tenet of democracy - two wolves and a sheep deciding on what’s for dinner - is not a sobering thought. But, given that democracy is bashed around like a tennis ball at a tennis tournament, surely there must be more to the idea than that what meets the eye?

The Greeks are credited as being the inventors of democracy, but so are the Romans, the Church and all who profess to be descendants of an ancient civilisation.

The Democracy ethos is in itself is a selfless beguiling intrinsically-sound much-praised lifestyle concept that uses human-rights and compromise as its core ideology. The fact that each one of us has a say, an opinion, a vote and is equal before the law, makes the concept generally palatable, agreeable and desirable.

Each version of a democracy has been, and is being, hailed as the alpha and omega of all democracies: One version allows for free human interactions, while another allows generalised but controlled gatherings. One version uses Police State mentalities to ensure that its citizens are well protected, while another allows the police to incarcerate presumed guilty citizen while their innocence is being tested in a court of law. One version allows freedom of speech, while another allows unbridled dialogue as long as it’s not offensive.

Politically-correct genderless endemic words like constitution, rights, opinion, due-diligence, presumed-innocent, reform, equality, challenged, empowered, etc, all server one purpose; to create a society that caters for all minorities,  majorities and mainstream genderless dogmas: the unconventional also have a say and a place, they just have to work harder at convincing the others that they too have a ‘right.’ And sometimes not!

The rule of thumb in attesting how democratic a social environment is lies in the application of its constitution. In other words, the validity of a democracy lies in its constitution. Thus, if a constitution is restrictive, so too are its democratic values and legislations: let’s not forget at thus juncture that no Government can abide by restrictive legislatures or devisionists.

History is a hard task master. It points out, at length, that well founded democracies have, at one or other time, floundered and even failed. The only subset of democracy that has survived the test of time (again in many guises) has been capitalism, but as with any ‘isms,’ it is fraught with excesses and indulgences and sufferings and wage-slavery.

Ideologies that bluntly simplify life into euphemistically well-worded sound-bytes do nothing to the eradication of social problems. In the end, a democracy is nothing more than just another human construct; thus full of me’isms, power plays, agendas and constitutionally accepted tyranny by numbers.

I think I’ll have two lamb chops…and chips.


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