Gamers! Ghost Recon3 Future Soldier

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on Sunday, 18 March 2012
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 So I done a little digging to see when we would see another installment of Ghost Recon and I discoverd that

the third installment is soon to arrive!

Yes Tom Clany's ghost recon3 Futurer soldier is to be released on 08 June this year. What can you expect from it? Well ypu can expect complex warzones, high tech equipment and weapons wich are in prototype today.

Also experience Fast paced Multiplayer Mode. Link-up for a great 8 vs. 8adversarial matches amd combine the four balanced class abilities, p;us drones and individual gear.

You also have Ranking progression in Single, Co-op and Adverserial modes wich unlock multiple rewards your ghost or your clan.

So keep an eye out.

The release date is said to be 08 June this year.


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