Gareth Cliff - Twitter's Hero or Embarrassment? ..SABC shows it's okay to break the law...

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on Thursday, 08 March 2012
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Wow, 5fm is really churning the publicity butter thanks to its crap line-up change and their irresponsible DJ’s. It wasn’t too long ago where I said that Gareth Cliff turned out to be a DJ I enjoyed listening to. Suffice to say, after reading about his arrest for speeding I feel like quite the ass.

Him being arrested for speeding had no contribution toward the prestigious title of “the ass”, but instead it were the comments by his followers and the things he said that played the main role.

Gareth was quoted saying that he just wanted to get home and nobody decides to drive 182km/h intentionally. A clever and sarcastic way of saying that nobody decides to speed in excess of 60km/h. I couldn’t disagree more.

If I am not mistaken, Gareth drives (or owned) a Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG in black. Now let’s be honest here. It’s not like Gareth bought this car because of its looks. Why would he pay a premium for a 5.5L V8 high performance engine? If he never intended to speed, why not buy a Mercedes-Benz SLK200K? Hmmmm…………I fear Gareth is not as intelligent as he appears.

When you put your foot down and continue to accelerate, are you telling me that you do not know when you are travelling faster than 120km/h? So we can safely assume that accelerating is a decision you made, hence…Gareth, you did decide to drive faster than the speed limit……or is my ass-state of mind letting my logic down? Gareth went on to say that if someone doesn’t care about his excuse, then he doesn’t care.

Really? Gareth you do not care?

If I think back on all the moral rants by Gareth in the past, does the above comment not lend itself a touch of self-righteous hypocrisy?

Wait! There’s more!

Let’s move onto the idiot fans. So a bunch of morons with a collective IQ of around 40 decides to set Twitter alight with “FreeGarethCliff”. I also went and read a bunch of reader comments on news24.

WoW people…seriously? I am shocked…..

People were saying that it’s not like he killed someone. There were those saying that it was ONLY speeding and no big deal. Then there were those singing his praises and having a little typical South African political rant about priorities. There is no other way to say it, but that’s fucked up! Allow me to explain….

Point nr. 1

A taxi drives at R138km/h and kills a family of 4 after losing control of his vehicle. The reaction? A public outcry and all sorts of comments about speeding etc. from various ministers. Saying that it’s okay because Gareth didn’t kill anyone is like saying you shouldn’t arrest someone for shooting in the direction of crowd of children as the bullet didn’t hit anyone.

Point nr. 2

When DJ Fresh tweeted about suicide he had all sorts of organisations and moral soldiers on his case for saying something wrong. It was deemed irresponsible of a public figure based on the assumption that what he said could “influence” young minds.

However, it’s perfectly alright for Gareth to lead by example and then once caught to shrug his shoulders and say that he accepts responsibility, but didn’t intend it. Where are all the moral crusaders now? Let’s face it….Gareth broke the law. If we as a society condone breaking the law and give people like DJ Fresh hell for speaking his mind then I fear we are in deep trouble.

Sadly, we are so arrogant in our delusions of grandeur that 99% of us do not even stop properly at the STOP street or do not slow down to stop at a traffic light when it turns amber, no…we would much rather break these “little” laws and complain about the “big” laws that are broken….seriously….steal 2c today and it becomes R2 tomorrow….you know how it goes….

Point nr. 3

Shame on you 5FM….AGAIN! Not only do you decide what we the public want and end up saddling us with another boring line-up of DJ’s who you feel deserve a little promotion, while getting rid of the really good ones…no…you take it a step further by keeping quiet about this whole thing.

When Darren Scott used the feared “K” word, he was axed immediately once it came to light the allegations were true. So in other words, a racial insult (which to me is on the same level as insulting how someone looks or how inept they are) is worse than speeding and endangering lives? In other words, the SABC feels it’s far more important to be politically correct than it is to abide by the law.

Awesome example and standards you guys are setting! I must commend you!! And we wonder why “apartheid” is still an issue…..

At the end of the day, if Gareth admitted that he was speeding because he wanted to get home, but didn’t realise he was speeding that much, in conjunction with a public statement saying that what he did was irresponsible and not something he condones….well….maybe I would have been left feeling less of an ass…

Perhaps his untouchable persona is starting to elevate him to a level of arrogance where he perceives to be untouchable and this could run the risk of destroying his witty controversial and much loved façade to reveal nothing more than another celebrity whose following is a reflection of good marketing and not said persons intellect or ability to lead by example, not to mention lack of potential to contribute in some beneficial way to society.

As most of you know, I couldn’t be bothered with posting exact quotes and exact URL references, so if you do not believe me, go research it yourself…..

now…you’ve wasted enough time on this post, go FREE GARETH CLIFF and make sure to get the T-Shirt!



So I just came across the following that Gareth wrote:

"....I’m sure I’ll have to put up with excessive moralising, complaints about being a hypocrite and the slavering over the details." .........<--- i="" really="" like="" this="" part="" if="" knew="" he="" wrote="" would="" have="" saved="" me="" some="" time="" above="" p="">

"If there is a lesson in any of this it must be that speeding isn’t only bad when it kills, it’s also just not worth it. Drive safely. I’ll catch you in the morning." <--- love="" the="" pun="" catch="" hahahahaha="" p=""> I have to wonder why the media didn't quote on this? Oh wait!!!! It's about DA MONEY!!! not the truth....anyway.....again Gareth proves me wrong, however reading the comments from his "fans" on what he wrote I have to wonder if Gareth cringes with embarrassment at the type of following he has...all of them acting like they are his best friend and as if they know whats best....PATHETIC!!!


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Syllable Thursday, 08 March 2012


I've never been a fan of GC - not since his days at TUKS. He's rude, self-important and, well, an ass of the highest calibre. That's just my opinion.

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