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on Thursday, 23 February 2012
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So you like mobile apps? Oh and you're a South African? Then like you should totally move to Cape Town and explore you're inner coding-hipster, or possibly Joburg and live life so fast you're dead before you're born.

OR... or... if you want to be awesome then you should come to Durban. You see, Durban has started getting its act together on the mobile scene and a prime example of this are the awesome events being hosted by immedia.

You haven't heard of immedia? Oh sure, I mean it's not like they made the DSTV guide app or the Supersport app or even the Computicket App. Well, maybe they have, like a little bit or something. In fact check out their badass portfolio here where you can see those apps and more.

Well now that you've heard of them, what makes this company special? 

Like all good companies, it's their attitude. They aren't willing to sit around and wait for the development scene to stumble along in Durban. They're organising open day events and  teaching app developement to others.

They're trying to grow the community here in Durban and, judging from last night's "Open Night" event that I attended, it looks like they're doing a bloody good job. For an invite only event (that you can apply to attend) it was completely packed. The atmosphere was very friendly and quite energetic. I had a really enjoyable discussion with Adrian Kosmaczewski about Apple iOS vs Android. He's quite an energetic character with a sharp business mind. You can see more about his company here.

What was really great was the way they were trying to get people to talk about their coding and app development work and other projects they are involved in here in Durban.

First up we had Adrian, who gave us a short talk on web app development. He pointed us to the masterpiece in his web app dev world, that is the Financial Times app. He also pointed us in the right direction of what books we should read if we want to get into web app development.

Secondly Kishyr Ramdial, a trendy 20 something with an eye for design, came up and talked about the basics of the cloud, how it works, and how to go about developing apps that work with it. The presentation was smooth, easy to understand and a good introduction to cloud services.

Lastly we had Qawelesizwe Mlilo who showed us a small web application he had created that shared his bookmarks across multiple Firefox capable devices. What was quite incredible was how he managed to create his web application using free resources only.

Overall it was a great session that got all the developers talking. Even competitors were at the event, learning and giving back.

What's really cool is that they know their training courses on app development may create new competitors for them; however it's also going to increase the pool of high quality app developers in Durban making Durban the place to be if you're going to do web and mobile application development. 

It's as I was saying, their attitude is what sets them apart and, if I was looking to get into the app development world, I would definitely check them out, because there aren't many companies out there that are as professional, friendly and helpful as they are.

A geek who loves the net, games and all things geeky.


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