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Telkom gets what it deserves

Posted by NetizenSA
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on Thursday, 16 February 2012
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There is no company that deserves a R3.5bn fine more than Telkom. This bloated monopoly has crippled the South African economy for years and held us back as the rest of the world has launched into the digital age. It's only due to ISP's, new international cables, ICASA, the big telecoms (MTN, Vodacom, etc) and other activists that we have seen this beast slowly being prodded out of its incompetent slumber.

Let's have a look at some of the glorious highlights that come with this company of failure, evil and ineptitude. After that we can go back to some more Telkom bashing and a look at the case involved.

Everyone had slowly been getting fed up with Telkom from the late 1990's and the arrival of the internet in SA. We saw the rest of the world slowly opening to the net and becoming more involved in the revolutionary technology that has shaped our world into what it is today. As time went on we began to see how much this monopoly had been ripping us off. It felt like the real shocker came with this post that discussed, using simple maths, how it was cheaper to fly to Hong Kong, download 100GB and fly back than download it in SA using Telkom.

When South African's realized how much we were getting ripped off the newspapers went ballistic. Virtually every major newspaper in South Africa ran the story showing how normal South Africans were being held to ransom by Telkom. The best bit was how Telkom responded! They simply blamed the ISP's despite the fact they were charging exorbitant amounts per GB to the ISP's. 

The thing is that Telkom didn't just rip you off. If you tried to complain or even joke about it they sued you. Just look at what happened to Hellkom. The website owner created the site after getting fed up with Telkoms poor service, mistreatment of customers and lay-offs of staff (so much for creating jobs mr government agency!). Telkom saw this, threw a tantrum and sued the owner of Hellkom for R5 million. Once they had calmed down, realised that you can't sue people for their opinions and parodies they left with egg on their face.

They also try mess with our minds. When SEACOM, the new international cable, came to South Africa we all rejoiced as it wasn't owned by Telkom but by other firms. Note though as soon as it arrived Telkom suddenly trebled their capacity of the SAT3 international cable. So for all those years when we were told that international bandwidth was expensive what they really meant was, "It was expensive because we artificially limited it, lol, sucks to be you." That is my opinion and you can read about when it trebled vs when SEACOM landed

For an absolute run down on how Telkom has been screwing over the consumer since 1997 I suggest that you go read the archives of Hellkom, all approximately 5520 articles (most articles are Telkom's failures, manipulations and other actions, some articles cover other telecoms and telecom news).

Back to the competition commissions ruling and Telkom's whimpering that R3.5 billion rand is too much. Telkom has over the last few years made huge profits off South Africans. Hellkom shows that they made R52.38 billion from South Africans over the period 2001-2008. When internet was really picking up in South Africa(2005 onwards) and they were really started jacking up the prices, they were making an average of R6 billion a year. Now they have the audacity to say that a R3.5 billion fine will cripple their company? Well screw you Telkom, the fine should be more like R25 billion. In my opinion, you deserve all the pain you can get.

  For a lighter jab at Telkom read sued the owner of Hellkom for R5 million. Once they had calmed down, realised that you can't sue people for their opinions and parodies they left with egg on their face.

A geek who loves the net, games and all things geeky.


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Charmed Friday, 17 February 2012


I agree with you - it's time for Telkom to cough up! Doesn't come close to all the trouble their clients (and potential clients) have gone through.

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riiaan Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Eskom the second Telkom

I love the fact that Telkom got a fine.

Now i just wish they want to start doing something about Eskom. Eskom like Telkom does not have any competition and no initiative to perform better.

Power have been down in Centurion 2 times this week.

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AlcorZA Thursday, 08 March 2012

Well said!

Totally have to agree with you! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Telkom really have abused their monopoly in South Africa, all to the detriment of consumers and business. When will they understand in this country that by lowering the prices they open the flood-gates to larger profits?!

They are artificially limiting the growth of our economy and as a result limiting the potential for South Africa to be a world player. Sounds like the "usual" level of ineptitude and black bags filled with money in dark alley ways to me.

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