And the Oscar goes to... the fake nose?

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on Thursday, 09 February 2012
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So it's almost that time again when Hollywood honours the "best" its industry has to offer. It's always interesting to see the trends that emerge in terms of the films and actors that get to walk away with the golden guys. And the trend that seems to be hot right now... play someone famous and the Oscar is yours.

Meryl Streep's fake nose is gathering awards all over the place. She's already bagged a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for playing Maggie Thatcher. So everyone's asking if the gold guy will be hers too.

So do you have to be an impersonator to be an award winner?

I blame Nicole Kidman for wearing a fake nose of her own and "becoming" Virginia Woolf. She had less screen time than either of her female co-stars, yet she was the one who won the Oscar and all the praise for her transformation.

Jamie Foxx was Ray Charles, Forrest Whitaker was Idi Amin, Colin Firth was King George in "The King's Speech", Marion Cotillard was Edith Piaf, Philip Seymour Hoffman was Truman Capote... It looks like you gotta be some famous and play someone famous to get the Academy's attention.

Not that it's easy to impersonate someone real, studying hours of footage to be convincing. But how hard is it to play a character when there's nothing to guide you but words on paper? Maybe there should be two awards next year: Best Actress and Best Impersonator.

But hey, maybe Meryl's nose won't impress the Academy and maybe the trend will change. Or maybe they'll just go with Michelle Williams' impression of Marilyn Monroe.


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