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on Tuesday, 31 January 2012
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The horizon is ablaze
I see the light spreading left and right
Creeping inexorably forward
It is beauty, it is splendid.

I look around me
I point at the sight before me with an idiotic smile on my face
It seems to stir no emotion in any others
All around me I see shuffling forms
Preprogrammed robots stepping through their intricate algorithms
Placing a tick next to one item after the other on the to-do list of the day.

Have you an entry there that says, “Lift my head and admire the glint of sunlight on cold steel
that seems cold no more.”?
It is imbued with life almost
It looks not so stark anymore
Is there an entry that says; “Wake up early and admire the dawn.”?

See the flames of Sol spread across a cold, dark, sleeping world,
touching every exposed surface
I feel its warmth on my cheek now
Like a lover's lingering kiss.

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