Mayhem in Higher education

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on Wednesday, 25 January 2012
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Yet again there is another incident at an institute of higher learning where people have been injured or worse. this time it is at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). At least no-one was killed this time as happened at UJ only tasered and pepper sprayed O_o


VUT says the problems occurred because students were not adhering to the registration days allocated to the different faculties and were showing up to register en masse. This led to pushing and shoving in the lines which the overzealous (as per VUT) security personnel broke up with pepper spray and tasers.


Why did this happen in the first place? If it is really as VUT claims then why did the students not simply go home when they realised that they were at registration on the wrong day? Thats what I would have done. I remember queueing in Durban to register at UNISA and we all know how hot Durban can be. We queued from early morning till late in the afternoon (I left at around 5pm) without incident. We stood in the line and waited our turns to register, pay our fees and get our textbooks and there were no tasers to be seen that  day. This year alone there have been 2 incidents, one resulting in fatalities and it makes me wonder why. Is there a general feeling of entitlement in our youth today? Must the world bend over backwards to accommodate them? If that is the case then I hold little hope for the future of our country in their hands.


Higher education is expensive and many struggle to make the payments. We should all strive for a better life but we must understand that these institutions of learning unlike schools are businesses and they need to make money to survive. They are governed by rules and regulations but are not obliged to accept all comers whether they can pay or not. There are rules and procedured and these have to be followed. End of.


I hope we do not see any more of these incidents in the news. Next time guys read your letters to avoid being baton-ed, tasered or pepper sprayed.

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