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on Monday, 23 January 2012
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It has been ages since I last wrote a post on, so this morning when I saw a tweet mentioning that MyDl has added a new blogging component, I simply HAD to try it out.

I did not really get a chance to delve into the the nitty gritty but at first glance, I am quite impressed. The look and layout of features feels more streamlined and there are quite a few options in itself that I see new. I wont mention much of them since I have not been blogging for the last few months and some features may have been there before Wink

I particularly like the new dashboard layout and quick features such as "quick post" options. The "review" section seems quite interesting.

The ability to allow comments and "display on front page"  as on/off as well as the password protection features options may have been there before (or maybe not) but this is the first time I notice them (probably due to better layout) and I can foresee quite a few good uses.

I am yet to figure out what the "copyrights" option is for. Of course the writing component itself has added some more rich features into writing. This will definitely introduce more creativity into posts itself in terms of layouts, tweaks and colours.

Happy blogging for 2012 and keep watching this space.

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