Tech highlight of 2011: The Amazon Kindle

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on Tuesday, 22 November 2011
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It’s been a bankrupting tech year for me, playing with my new BlackBerry, iPod, iPad, and Xbox, but by far, the gadget I’ve loved the most this year has been my Amazon 3rd generation Kindle. Here’s why:

It's more than just novels: it isn’t just a replacement for traditional novels, widely touted by the range of available of free books; the selection of available  e-textbooks and comics is huge, and my existing reads (essays, PDF’s, etc.) are all immediately accessible.

It makes the web comfortably readable: using simple browser tweaks, I can push full articles and blogposts - literally any text on the web - to my Kindle for easy reading later, rather than clumsily managing hundreds of bookmarks and unread emails.

It has libraries worth of storage: an average eBook is less than 1MB, so the 3 gigabytes of space on my Kindle lets me store 20 times the books I currently on my bookshelf.

It comes with a stupendous battery life: Even daily reading on the device gives me nearly two month’s worth of use before it needs a recharge.

It has a familiar form factor: Put it in a cover and it instinctively feels like a book, and is still small enough to slip into my blazer pocket.

It comes with the duvet advantage: avoiding the cold-elbow syndrome of reading in bed! The kindle lets me keep everything but a finger under the duvet.

While the Kindle doesn’t have Apple’s sexy design of my iPad, or the raw excitement of knuckling down with Modern Warfare on my Xbox, it’s my tech highlight for 2011 because the single thing it does do, it does fantastically. Go get yours!


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