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miss N
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on Tuesday, 30 August 2011
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How many of you just like to relax on a Sunday afternoon? Have a nice quiet Sunday...Me.
You sit there on a Sunday reading the Sunday paper and it’s just you and the family enjoying the day watching the rerun of isidingo in silence and a few laughs are shared with your sister or your mum. And then...........the bell rings.

I am one of those people who feel like Sunday's is suppose to be the day you go to church, and spend time with the family, but somebody always has other plans. Don’t get me wrong I am not anti social; I just love me a quite Sunday. I hate having to sit there and entertain somebody who has decided that they will leave when supper has been served just to avoid cooking for them selves and then they want to moan about this and that, him or her, etc. And all you can do is grin and bear. And here is the fun part when they realize that no one is making and effort to go start cooking, they get up saying how they need to go home and cook...I suppose that’s part were you invite them for supper, nope not me.

Have you ever had a guest who just doesn't want to leave?

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Taufeeq Wednesday, 28 September 2011

So true! Sundays were suppose to be family time and not entertaining any guests.

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