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on Sunday, 28 August 2011
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Bunchball, the self-declared "inventors of gamification" has pushed the boundaries of gamification propagation with it's release of Nitro for

(Check out the branding launch for it here, complete with excited sounding American narrator).

Bunchball's original Nitro was released in 2007, and was their flagship gamification platform. Now serving over 70 million users, they've really (through this team-up with Salesforce) indicated that they want to start focusing on Business to Business interactions. 

As they state, isn't it about time that we stopped focusing on "automation" and started encouraging "motivation"?

This motivation is procured, gamification-advocists believe, by taking core elements out of games, and applying them to real world situations. Qualities such as reward, status, achievement and competition all encourage increased user activity, combine this with the cloud: signifying instant response and feedback, and you have an exciting business world on the horizon. Nitro for Salesforce was a finalist in the 2011 AppQuest competition, and is billed to outshine the over 2-billion estimated user actions per month that the current Nitro incarnation enjoys.


New LCD. New Speakers. Repaired PC. Now time to start working for money for Operation:
new ram and graphics card.


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