Number 2 is not the same!

Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Monday, 15 August 2011
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I can think back to 2003 when I had no phone! The process of a number 2 was simple, sit down and do the dirty, if its a long dirty I can just take a newspaper or magazine with me, if short, nothing is needed as all the energy and attention will be focused to one area!

Since then its never been the same, and last night I felt the brunt of not having a phone by my side for emotional support through my energy sapping experience! I left my phone in the living room and went in for the download, after literally 10 seconds I felt empty, not because of the number 2 but because my phone was not with me! I could not quickly log into FaceBook or quickly follow my favorite star on Twitter, nor could I jam my favorite music while I tried to suppress the sounds coming from this process!

It dawned upon me how attached I was to my phone! I have all manners of entertainment on there, and believe me when you do the dirty you need to entertain yourself! Some people call it an addiction and some people call it a problem but it’s much better than those descriptions, it’s a part of your being!

It keeps you occupied when you otherwise would be focused on the number 2 process and look at the floor and count the number of tiles in the bathroom etc.

We are attached to our phones and for good reason, its a form of entertainment when one really needs it, its a device that lets you pass the time when you would have otherwise focused on things you should not be focused on, its a device that fills a gap, a gap of boredom...even when doing the dirty!


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